Spammed Trojan Won’t Run Under Windows XP

June 14, 2010By Blog Staff

While it is far from the first Trojan ever to simply fail to execute under Windows XP, it definitely caught our eye that a variant of Trojan-Downloader-Tacticlol distributed last week in a spam…read more

Trojan Masquerades as iTunes Gift or Résumé

May 12, 2010By Blog Staff

If you received one or more email messages over the past week that claim to contain an attached gift certificate for the Apple iTunes store or an unsolicited résumé, you probably received the…read more

Pushu Variant Spams Hotmail, Cracks Audio Captchas

March 22, 2010By Blog Staff

A new version of Trojan-Pushu is doing some interesting stuff to bypass captchas used by Microsoft’s Hotmail/ webmail services in order to spam people with links to malicious Yahoo Groups pages. The three-year-old…read more