Game Trojans’ Biggest Tricks in 2010

October 22, 2010By Andrew Brandt

By Andrew Brandt and Curtis Fechner It’s appropriate that this year’s Blizzcon, the two-day celebration of all things World of Warcraft, takes place during National Cyber Security Awareness Month. No other game is…read more

WoW Patch Brings Out the Malware Trolls

October 20, 2010By Andrew Brandt

Last week, Activision/Blizzard released a long-anticipated patch for its immensely popular game, World of Warcraft. While I don’t play this game, a number of our Threat Researchers do, and they’ve been on the…read more

WoW Expansion Beta Likely to Spawn Phishers, Scams

June 30, 2010By Andrew Brandt

Blizzard’s announcement today that they will begin a closed beta-test for the latest expansion pack is likely to generate a lot of excitement among that particularly low breed of online criminals who steal…read more

Phisher Puts Antiphishing Tool in the Crosshairs

June 3, 2010By Andrew Brandt

A small-time Trojan has decided to butt heads with a big-time anti-phishing tool, and ended up with dirt on its face. The malware looks like a fairly generic clone of Trojan-Phisher-SABanks, with an…read more