Zeus Infection Spoofing Bitdefender AV

January 6, 2014By Blog Staff

Over the Christmas period, we here at Webroot  have noticed a large amount of Zeus infections that are spoofing the Bitdefender name. While infections spoofing AV companies aren’t unusual, it’s been a while…read more

New IRC/HTTP based DDoS bot wipes out competing malware

May 3, 2013By Blog Staff

Everyday, new vendors offering malicious software enter the underground marketplace. And although many will fail to differentiate their underground market proposition in market crowded with reputable, trusted and verified sellers, others will quickly build their…read more

A look inside the SpyEye Trojan admin console

October 24, 2011By Blog Staff

By Michael Johnson At Webroot we’ve been researching and chronicling developments with SpyEye since we first saw it in April 2010. This nasty Trojan is the successor to the Zeus Trojan, and it…read more

Phishers Want You to Have a Coke and a Drive-by

July 31, 2010By Blog Staff

As recently as a few months ago, malware distributors went to what looked like great lengths to craft complex, sophisticated Web pages designed to trick visitors into believing they were visiting a page…read more

“Shipping Confirmation” Malware on the Rise

September 15, 2009By Blog Staff

As autumn approaches, the world typically sees an increase in the number of online shopping trips, as people take advantage of bargains from late-year sales, and prepare for various holidays. And, right on…read more