Posting Photos of Children Online

There’s nothing wrong with sharing photos of children online with friends and family. However, if parents don’t know how to manage privacy settings, the photos and videos they think they are only sharing with loved ones could be viewed by anybody—identity thieves, future employers and the rest of the world.

CBS News recently provided a few suggestions for parents to avoid potential pitfalls and keep children safe online:

  1. Before you upload a photo of your child to the Internet, ask yourself, "Will my child appreciate this being public ten years down the road?"
  2. Don’t upload naked baby photos of your child to the Web.
  3. Be cautious about whom you accept as a friend or follower on the social Web.
  4. Know how to manage your privacy settings. You can find your Facebook privacy information by clicking on "Account" and then "Privacy Settings." By default, all your Facebook information is public (the entire world can view it), so you have to go into your privacy settings and make desired adjustments.
  5. Never post the name of your child’s [birth dates], school, address, [email address], or phone numbers online.1

1Wang, Yan. "Keeping Your Child Safe in a Cyber World" (3 August, 2010). CBS News. Retrieved from