Webroot Helps 443 Networks Harness the Power of Collective Threat Intelligence

Broomfield, CO - March 11, 2015

Webroot, Webroot, the market leader in cloud-based, real-time internet threat detection, today announced a partnership with 443 Networks, a developer and distributor of security platforms. The partnership provides 443 Networks with a highly distributed and highly cooperative learning system to deliver smarter security with Webroot BrightCloud® Security Services.

To complement their existing portfolio, 443 Networks chose to use a combination of their own cloud platform and Webroot BrightCloud Security Services with collective threat intelligence. They embedded three Webroot® OEM services into their offering to allow for early identification of infected and compromised sites: Web Classification, Web Reputation and IP Reputation.

"High-profile breaches, like that of Target and Home Depot, highlight the importance of being able to identify the risk with any endpoint outside the organization," said Keith Glennan, CEO of 443 Networks. "Our capabilities in the area of real-time reputation have been greatly enhanced by our partnership with Webroot and we anticipate this will be invaluable to our end customers."

In partnering with Webroot, 443 Networks achieved the following:

  • Improved coverage and accuracy of its URL categorization services.
  • Enhanced capabilities in analyzing the reputation and content of websites visited by end users.
  • Real-time IP reputation data to make more informed decisions about traffic risk.
  • Integration of cloud-based security services that draw on real-time intelligence to augment other technologies.

"We are excited to announce our OEM partnership with 443 Networks," said Scott Merkle, vice president of enterprise and OEM sales at Webroot. "The cloud-based Webroot Intelligence Network delivers a truly differentiated model for intelligent cybersecurity that is superior to static lists or crowd-sourced data. The industry's leading network security providers, including 443 Networks, have chosen Webroot as a premier partner to yield a powerful, effective solution for stopping malicious traffic at the network perimeter."

In considering the benefits above, one begins to understand why 443 Networks chose Webroot for their critical security needs. For a complete case study on their OEM partnership, please visit http://www.webroot.com/shared/pdf/WR-CS-443_Networks.pdf.

About 443 Networks

443 Networks provides a complete network security infrastructure platform for Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). Built from the ground up with a focus on scalability, 443 Networks has been specifically designed to deliver the tools required to run a MSSP, including the management of multiple security appliances across multiple customers and locations.

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Webroot delivers next-generation endpoint security and threat intelligence services to protect businesses and individuals around the globe. Our smarter approach harnesses the power of cloud-based collective threat intelligence derived from millions of real-world devices to stop threats in real time and help secure the connected world.