Online Privacy Recommendations for Your Children

A child’s online reputation begins as soon as a full name or photo is posted on the Internet. Parents active in social media and blogging may wonder what information is appropriate and safe to share as they discuss and post stories about their children. It’s also important for parents to help children learn how to keep their own personal information private., suggests the following:

For Elementary School Kids:


For Middle School Kids:


For High School Kids:


The information your child should keep private doesn’t deviate much over the course of growing up. Personally identifiable information such as birthdates, home addresses, phone numbers, and excessive pictures should always be avoided.

At an early age, it is important to establish the difference between personal information and public information with your child.

By the time children are in high school, they should be keeping most of their personal information private, but they should also be encouraged to use the Internet in helpful ways. A strong, positive online reputation can be an incredibly constructive force in a community, and it can attract college admissions officers & potential job recruiters.