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Enterprise SpyAudit Tool Assesses the Spyware Risk on Networks and Gives Webroot Partners a Unique Competitive Advantage to Increase Sales Potential

BOULDER, CO - March 15, 2006

Webroot Software, Inc., the leading provider of anti-spyware software and other security technologies for the enterprise and consumer markets, is now offering its Premium Channel Edge partners an exclusive opportunity to add the Webroot Enterprise SpyAudit tool to their already comprehensive sales tool arsenal at no additional cost. Premium Channel Edge partners can use the Enterprise SpyAudit tool to quickly, easily and accurately evaluate customers' level of spyware risk. This unique tool gives Premium Channel Edge partners a clear competitive advantage to increase profitability and shorten sales cycles.

Enterprise SpyAudit provides the most accurate and thorough snapshot of the state of an enterprise's spyware infection. With comprehensive detection capabilities, Enterprise SpyAudit is a convenient tool that can be deployed seamlessly across a network to quickly detect spyware infections on a company's desktop or laptop environment. This enables Webroot Premium Channel Edge partners to immediately evaluate a company's current spyware infection status and recommend specific security programs to eradicate their current spyware infestation and better protect their networks in the future.

"Enterprise SpyAudit gives our Premium Channel Edge partners a real competitive edge. Our partners can now easily detect live spyware threats within an enterprise environment and use the results to educate their customers and better demonstrate the need for superior anti-spyware protection," said Vinay Goel, vice president of worldwide marketing for Webroot Software, Inc. "Our partners serve as trusted advisors to their clients and we are committed to ensuring our partners have the most advanced resources and tools available to best serve their clients' needs and ultimately increase their own profitability. Offering our Premium Channel Edge partners the Enterprise SpyAudit tool at no cost is yet another proof-point of this commitment."

Completely unobtrusive, Enterprise SpyAudit can be deployed silently across hundreds or thousands of machines. The Enterprise SpyAudit searches for spyware where it is known to hide - registry, memory, browser hijackers and other key areas that may harbor spyware threats, and operates without end-user interruption. Upon completion, the Enterprise SpyAudit is removed from the network entirely, leaving no footprint behind. All data collected in the SpyAudit is encrypted and is available only to the partner who conducted the audit through Webroot's secure, password-protected SpyAudit Portal.

"Enterprise SpyAudit gives us the opportunity to show customers just how exposed they are to spyware attacks - insight no other security vendors can offer," said Greg Hanchin, principal of DirSec. "Enterprise SpyAudit reveals data that clearly tells us what's going on behind the scenes and validates the concrete need for a superior anti-spyware solution like Spy Sweeper Enterprise. This unique level of awareness helps us to increase our security solution sales, shortens sales cycles and gives us additional means to better serve our customers."

Webroot Premium Channel Edge partners can use Enterprise SpyAudit as a standalone tool to diagnose spyware infections or include it as part of a larger security assessment. Webroot offers the choice of three comprehensive, easily co-branded reports specific to Enterprise SpyAudit results to allow Premium Channel Edge partners the ability to present findings to their clients in the most meaningful way. These reports and numerous other ROI-driven sales tools, training materials and marketing support are available at Webroot's Channel Edge Partner Portal, the ultimate online resource for Channel Edge partners.

"The Webroot Enterprise SpyAudit tool is just another example of Webroot's dedication to seeing us increase profitability and better protect our customers," said Diane Cook, principle of Softek. "Webroot understands the added value in being able to instantly show our customers the severity and pervasiveness of the spyware problem up close. We are certain that by utilizing the Enterprise SpyAudit tool, we'll be able to increase our sales and shorten our sales cycle."

In conjunction with the Enterprise SpyAudit offering, Webroot is now offering its Premium Channel Edge partners free, on-site training for Enterprise SpyAudit. Premium Channel Partners should contact their Webroot Channel Edge Manager to schedule a half-day session.


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