Webroot Protects Appleby as it Grows to Largest Offshore Law Firm in the World

Appleby Global is the leading provider of offshore fiduciary and administration services. It was recognized as “Offshore Law Firm of the Year 2010” by The Lawyer Awards. Beginning in 2005, Appleby has experienced tremendous growth—going from one overseas office to 12 in just five years. It is now the largest fiduciary offshore company in the world with over 800 lawyers and other professionals in offices all over the globe in places such as Bermuda, Hong Kong, London, Zurich and Cayman.


  • Ease of use
  • Cost savings
  • Better manageability
  • Compliance requirements

This rapid growth did not come without growing pains. As Appleby acquired other companies, each office came with its own IT staff and security programs. All of these disparate security systems presented a challenge for the IT department and needed to be migrated into one.

“Many offices were at different levels in terms of security,” explains Mylan Simons, Senior Technical Analyst. “Some were using Microsoft; some were using Surf Control or even something else. But they were all too hard to manage and took too much administration to get it right. We needed to find something more manageable and we needed one system everyone knows. We also needed a consistent Internet use policy across the company.”

Law firm employees spend a great deal of time researching online, and while the firm generally trusts that people are doing the work they are supposed to be doing, Appleby needed to have the controls in place to investigate if needed. It wanted the ability to monitor employee web usage and block bad sites. On top of that, as one of the most respected law firms in the legal industry, Appleby had a mandate to protect its clients’ data and information—therefore it required the most robust and effective security systems.

“We pride ourselves on being current as possible when it comes to technology,” explains Simons. “As a law firm, we have to be cognizant of the laws that cover information and we need the best security in place. We need to protect both our internal and external clients.”


The Cayman office of Appleby had Webroot Web Security installed for several months and had been very pleased with its effectiveness and ease of use. A global mandate was handed down from the head of IT that all other offices would follow suit, so each office around the globe gradually transitioned to Webroot.

According to Simons, the rollout was a breeze: “The deployment was absolutely fantastic and painless. Users didn’t even realize it was on the system—they are coached in some areas, allowed in some and not in others.”


It’s increased our productivity because we don’t have to constantly block sites or grant access.
It’s really been a no-brainer.

mylan simons,
senior technical analyst, appleby

Appleby’s offices all over the world are now humming along with one unified web security solution in place—Webroot. The HR department is benefiting from the policy setting and allows access to certain social networking sites during lunchtime only. The IT department is now freed up to work on other projects and also has great insight via the reporting features.

But the very best thing, according to Simons, is the increased productivity and ease of use:

“The manageability is the best thing of all—it’s so much easier to use than anything else we’ve seen. Users spend less time surfing and now can self-regulate. It’s increased our productivity because we don’t have to constantly block sites or grant access. It’s really been a no-brainer.”

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