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Career Possibilities at Webroot

Think you’re ready to take on the challenge of working for a dynamic technology leader? Then it’s time to take the next step in your career. Search for current Webroot career opportunities, within and outside of the United States. Wherever your talents may lie, we invite you to take a closer look at our current job opportunities and explore the possibilities we can offer.

Research Development and Engineering

As an award-winning software company, R&D is at the forefront of our success. Our cutting-edge Engineering team is changing the way consumers and enterprises view internet security. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of desktop and SaaS Security to develop the most scalable and reliable internet security solutions in the industry. Internet security is all about anticipating the future, and rapid innovation is key to protecting our customers worldwide.

Cloud Engineering: Escape the world of rigid development processes, anonymity and instability; here, you will enjoy an internet security engineering environment where we question the status quo, and new, innovative ideas are encouraged and realized. As a member of our SaaS Security team, you will have the opportunity to create the next evolution of internet security technology in the cloud. You will be designing and developing modern internet security technology to protect millions of users in a fast-growing and dynamic business environment.

Client Engineering: As the driving force behind our award-winning Consumer suite of internet security products, our Client Engineering team has been the cornerstone of Webroot’s success. As we build upon that success, our suite of Consumer internet security products continues to evolve - leading the market with best-of-breed internet security solutions. If you’re looking for a challenging job opportunity within a leading edge internet security technology development team, then consider a job opportunity with this highly focused and driven organization.

Threat Research: Trojans, Worms, Bots, Phishing, Key Loggers...If you’re one of those rare few that thrives on solving the puzzles of these complex and ever-evolving types of malware, then look no further than Webroot’s Threat Research team. As a member of this elite, highly focused organization, you will have the opportunity to hunt down, reverse engineer and decipher malware.. If you possess a natural curiosity and strong technology problem-solving skills, then job opportunities await you here.

Quality Assurance: Ideas only become innovative once they’ve been proven and tested. Members of our Quality Assurance team drive the highest quality internet security product releases that enable us to garner industry recognition and total customer satisfaction. Quality Assurance demands inquisitive, analytical, and exploratory types who are committed to a superior end product.

Data Center Operations: Supporting the Development and QA environments for customer-facing applications, and with ultimate responsibility for keeping Webroot’s SaaS applications running smoothly 24X7, Data Center Operations relies on professionals with the utmost confidence in their technical abilities, who willingly embrace new and varied challenges, and are not afraid of accountability. As our SaaS Security offerings continue to evolve and expand, Data Center Operations will become even more critical to Webroot’s success, and strategic thought within this area will be indispensable.

Sales, Marketing, Strategy and Support

With the software-as-a-service (SaaS) security market expected to increase at a compound annual rate of 30% through 2012 and with many internet security experts believing that SaaS will overtake both Software and Appliances as the most widely deployed messaging-security platform by 2012, the future in the internet security space is bright for enterprising Strategy, Sales, Marketing and Support professionals. Add to this an industry-leading suite of internet security solutions, and it is easy to see why Webroot’s job opportunities in these areas are some of the most coveted in our sector.

  • Sales: For some, achieving your quarterly sales quota is good enough. At Webroot, we measure Sales success not only by quota, but also by the depth and breadth of your customer relationships. Our team of results-driven internet and network security Sales professionals knows that it’s not about pushy sales tactics to close deals - it’s about becoming a trusted advisor to our customers - building relationships, partnerships, and ultimately driving long-term growth that yields the highest level of customer satisfaction. What is Sales to us? It’s about converting Webroot customers into Webroot advocates.
  • Marketing: What does it take to get the public’s attention and become the disruptive force within an industry? It takes courage, creativity, and talent. Webroot’s Marketing team embodies that unique combination of expertise and is the driving force behind Webroot’s brand awareness, public relations, collateral, global sales campaigns, and more. Our team of savvy marketeers spans Corporate Marketing, Online Marketing, Product Marketing, PR, and Marketing Communications.
  • Strategy: Tasked with keeping Webroot ahead of our competition by anticipating customer needs and defining the future of Webroot’s products and services, our Strategy team consists of Corporate Strategy, Corporate Development, Business Development and Product Management. Through a combination of in-house internet security product development, OEM partnerships and M&A, this team defines and executes on Webroot’s strategic roadmap. This team offers multiple job opportunities for the business-minded professional.
IT, Web, HR, Finance and Legal

Webroot’s numerous Shared Services functions provide business-critical infrastructure, systems and processes that enable Webroot to maintain our leadership position in the internet security market while providing the foundation for future growth.

  • Information Technology: The life of an IT professional is filled with complex challenges. As the foundation of our internal Enterprise infrastructure, our IT Department is a business-critical, fast-paced organization offering excellent opportunities for professional growth and career advancement. Project Managers, Sys Admins, Support Professionals and Tech Leads who possess deep technical knowledge in areas such as CRM, ERP and ITIL will find opportunities to take on many different roles and intriguing challenges within our IT organization.
  • Human Resources and Talent Acquisition: Webroot is defined by the talent and capabilities of its employees. Our HR organization strives to achieve workplace excellence by providing an environment and company culture which attracts, rewards and retains top talent. This team is focused on providing the programs and services that will sustain a high-performing organization in support of the overall business goals. Whether your focus is Employee Relations, Comp and Benefits, HRIS or Recruiting, challenging job opportunities await you here.
  • Accounting & Finance: With responsibility for Webroot’s worldwide financial operations, our Accounting & Finance teams ensure the fidelity of our global organization. Comprised of a broad range of functions spanning Cost and Revenue Accounting, Financial Planning and Analysis, Treasury, Reporting, and more, this team of professionals ensures the accuracy and integrity of the company’s finances and supports the strategic objectives of our multiple business groups. If you have a degree in Accounting or Finance, or are a CPA with relevant experience, then consider this team for a challenging and rewarding career opportunity.
  • Legal: With worldwide responsibilities spanning corporate law, software IP protection, contracts, and global operating entities, Webroot’s Legal team provides us with the necessary support to achieve our corporate goals with integrity, confidence and protection. If you have a JD and a passion for corporate law, then consider an opportunity with this team.