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The Next Generation of SecureAnywhere™

UI features video

At Webroot, we continually strive for excellence. We're excited to unveil our latest improvements to SecureAnywhere:

What will it look like?

When you're protected

UI feature changes image 1

When your attention is needed

UI feature changes image 2

When action is needed

UI feature changes image 3

What else has changed?

We'll keep you informed

Stay up to date with security news,
product information, and
subscription status.

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Enhanced Shields

The new Realtime Shield is a combination of our
previous Core Shield, Behavior Shield, and Zero
Day Shield.

We've added a Rootkit Shield for protection
against the stealthiest of threats.

UI feature changes image 6

System Optimizer

For SecureAnywhere Complete users, System
Cleaner is now System Optimizer. It includes the
same powerful privacy-protection features,
configurability, and scheduling.

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