Webroot Offers SecureAnywhere® DNS Protection for Guest WiFi

Solution Makes WiFi Security Affordable, Safe, and Reliable by Protecting DNS Connections from Cyberattacks

BROOMFIELD - February 14, 2018

Webroot, the Smarter Cybersecurity® company expanded its SecureAnywhere® DNS Protection solution to include Guest WiFi protection to ensure WiFi connections at locations such as hotels, airports, coffee shops, or shopping centers are always managed and secured. This service uses the same industry leading DNS Protection components to enforce domain layer security and content filtering to protect browsing over WiFi from malware, data theft, redirection, and other common DNS-based attacks. It also ensures WiFi access is highly available and reliable through DNS access via Webroot’s global network of datacenters.

Learn More: www.webroot.com/us/en/business/secure-guest-wifi

Key Facts:

  • Webroot’s DNS Protection automatically applies defenses at the domain layer, reducing the risk of online threats by up to 88 percent and stopping malware and phishing attempts before they reach an organization’s network, reducing risk for both users and organizations.
  • The solution is powered by the Webroot BrightCloud® Web Classification and Reputation Threat Intelligence services, delivering one of the industry’s most respected threat intelligence feeds.
  • DNS Protection for Guest WiFi is supported by secure Webroot DNS servers hosted in global datacenters, providing a high level of connectivity and resiliency.
  • Offering 80+ URL filtering categories, the WiFi service ensures granular filtering and visibility. Additionally, the solution allows for control over user bandwidth usage, providing the opportunity for increased network speed.
  • As a cloud-based SaaS solution, it’s easy to set-up and deploy. Users redirect Guest WiFi traffic to Webroot’s secure DNS servers.
  • The Guest WiFi use case is set up to offer more flexible billing options.  

WiFi Security Concerns:

  • The immense desire for free or guest WiFi has put pressure on businesses to meet the demand, but it also leaves their DNS connections open to hijacking, hacking, and even abuse by guest users that could create bandwidth or copyright issues.
  • Cybercriminals can exploit the DNS layer and view browser history, gain access to login information, redirect searches to malicious pages, and potentially take over connected devices for use in botnets.
  • DNS Protection for Guest WiFi filters users’ requests so they can’t reach illegal or undesirable content and blocks access to malicious sites.

Key Quote:

Chad Bacher, SVP of Product Strategy and Technology Alliances, Webroot

“Cybercriminals are taking note of the exponential growth of guest WiFi and taking advantage of the vulnerabilities associated with unsecured WiFi networks. This additional use case for our DNS Protection solution, helps small- to medium-sized businesses protect both their network and their customers from being abused by cybercriminals looking to steal data and redirect traffic.”

Chris Mouncey, Operations Director, ip-Xchange

“SecureAnywhere DNS Protection for Guest WiFi, allows us to control user bandwidth, improving network speed and reducing downtime. Additionally, by controlling the content our guests’ access on our network, we can reduce not only our users’ exposure, but also our company’s exposure to internet risks. Best of all, the solution integrates into our existing console so we can manage our endpoint protection and network security in one place.”

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