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News about threats can't wait. In our quarterly threat trends updates, we give a by-the-numbers account of Webroot's insights into the latest threat issues. Additionally, look for relevant news, industry reports, and information to help you stay ahead of modern malware.

September 2017

In This Issue: Phishing is the New Black

In our recent survey of over 200 perimeter security and network influencers and decision-makers, at least 63% reported having experienced a phishing-related security incident in the past two years. This quarter we will look at the phishing activity Webroot has seen, what it means, and how to move forward safely to combat these types of threats. Included in this quarter’s Threat Trends are Webroot CISO Gary Hayslip’s tips to other CISOs for securing their organizations against phishing, findings from the survey mentioned above, and a paper on how threat intelligence solutions may vary to suit the needs of different types of security vendors. 

How Phishing Attacks are Turning Heads

Phishing attacks are the number one cause of breaches, and are a growing threat to organizations around the world. The latest Webroot data reveals just how insidious these threats really are, and offers  deeper insight into the characteristics, detection, and prevention of modern phishing.

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CISO to CISO: Protecting Your Organization from Phishing Attacks

Gary Hayslip, Chief Information Security Officer at Webroot, discusses phishing risks, the steps organizations can take to mitigate these types of attacks, and how access to the most up to date threat data available helps us all stay ahead of the threat curve.

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The Full Story on How Your Customers Keep Up with Today’s Threats

The Enterprise Security Group conducted a survey of 200 organizations to determine how they are faring in today’s threat environment with regard to malicious files and security in the network perimeter. This paper reveals the detail behind their experiences.

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Choosing the Right Threat Intelligence for Your Security Offering

Depending on the specifics of your customers' security needs, you may be unsure which types of threat intelligence to incorporate into your solutions. Which technology would be easiest to embed, would positively affect your bottom line, and improve your customer experience? Get details on the potential use cases for a variety of threat intelligence solutions in this paper.

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