Are there risks to beta testing?
Please be aware that the Public Beta builds are pre-release Beta builds. While we do not anticipate critical failures, pre-release Beta builds MAY malfunction. Beta software is not guaranteed by Webroot to be bug free, and we cannot offer the same level of support as we would for an officially released version of the program. If you choose to install beta software on a computer, we suggest you make a complete backup of all your files before installing the beta software, to prevent the possibility of data loss. Test systems and non critical systems normally provide the best platform for beta software evaluation.

Before installing Webroot’s 2011 beta software, it is highly recommended that you create a system restore point to preserve the current state of your system.

  • For Windows XP this feature can be accessed by going to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore > Create a restore point.
  • For Windows Vista and Windows 7, a restore point can be created by going to Start > right-click on Computer > choose Properties > Select System protection from the left-hand panel > and choose Create.
What is beta software?
Late stage prototype software issued to users for real-world usability testing prior to commercial release.
What can I expect after I sign up for beta testing?
After registering you will receive an email with download instructions. Download and save the installer on your computer. If you are a current Webroot user, uninstall your current product prior to installing the Webroot beta. Remove the beta product and begin testing. At any point while using the software, we request that you provide the Webroot team with feedback via the ‘Provide Feedback’ button on the product Home Screen. Be as honest and detailed as possible. During the beta you can expect to see automatically applied updates to fix issues that beta testers like you have found.
What if I don't get an email from the beta program?
There are many reasons: you may have unsubscribed from Webroot’s mailing list; your email program may be blocking Webroot’s email or marking it as spam or junk; or your incoming email folder may be full. You can write to and ask to receive email from the Beta Testing Program.
What if I experience issues while using the beta software?
If you discover issues while using the beta software, please provide details to Webroot through the ‘Provide Feedback’ button on the product Home Screen. In certain cases a Webroot customer service representative may email or call you to get more details about the issue you are experiencing. Additionally, you can call the Webroot beta hotline at (800) 772-9383 (ext. 7415) and speak to a Webroot customer service representative.
Do I need to remove my current Webroot software or other security programs?
If you are a current Webroot Spy Sweeper, Webroot AntiVirus or Webroot Internet Security Essentials user, you must uninstall your current software prior to installing the Webroot beta software.
How do I submit feedback?
Please submit feedback to the Webroot team using the ‘Provide Feedback’ button on the product Home Screen. This will automatically enroll you in the drawing for the $250 Amazon Gift Card.
How long can I use the beta software and what happens at the end of the trial?
The beta software will be active for 60 days after installation. If at any time during this period you choose to end your participation in the beta program, simply uninstall the beta product. Go to ‘Add/Remove Programs’ in the Control Panel, select the ‘Webroot’ product from the list, and click ‘Remove’. When the new Webroot 2011 product is released to the public you will be able to upgrade to this version from the beta version.
What happens if I keep the beta software installed beyond its expiration date?
If you are not an existing Webroot user, the software will go into an expired state after 60 days. You then can purchase a full subscription if you like through
How do I uninstall the beta software?
Go to Control Panel, then Add/Remove programs. Select the ‘Webroot’ product from the list and click ‘Remove’.