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Design and build Smarter Cybersecurity™ solutions in to next-generation devices

Discover an extensive set of threat intelligence services and lightweight embedded device software, optimized to provide future-proof protection against modern malware, zero-day exploits, and other advanced threats.

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Traditional cybersecurity is ineffective

Traditional cybersecurity approaches are difficult to integrate and aren’t effective in keeping operational devices secure. Many approaches for embedded devices work by isolating systems, which offers only partial protection, and only against known attack vectors. But a smarter approach is now available.


It’s time for a Smarter Cybersecurity™ approach

The Webroot approach to IoT security is based on collective threat intelligence and the benefits of machine learning. By utilizing tens of millions of threat sensors around the world, we can analyze new threats and exploits as fast as cybercriminals launch them, and actively correlate global threat data for up-to-the-minute protection and policy enforcement.

One of Webroot’s key strengths as a cybersecurity provider has been its leadership in developing next generation approaches to prevent attacks, and a proven technology base that spans millions of devices.
Frost & Sullivan Leadership Award
2015 North American Cybersecurity for Robotics & Industrial Control Product

Ideal for securing the Internet of Things

Webroot provides industry-leading, cloud-based intelligence and highly efficient and effective device agent technology to stop internet-borne threats. This, coupled with our flexible and proven integration approach, enables IoT designers and manufacturers to create unique offerings with built-in, future-proof security.

Lightweight Device Agent

High performance, small footprint software agent technology to monitor behavior, detect, defend, and remediate.

Threat Intelligence

Powerful, real-time, highly accurate intelligence to automatically block inbound threats and ensure integrity of outbound communications.

BrightCloud Threat Intelligence for IoT Gateways

BrightCloud® Threat Intelligence for IoT Gateways offers builders of IoT gateway appliances the most effective way to secure critical infrastructure and devices against internet and network based threats.

Inbound Protection

Automatically block threats with real time, highly accurate intelligence on dynamically changing malicious IPs

Outbound Protection

Control where IoT devices and gateways can connect, ensuring proper communication to approved data centers and remote sites

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Webroot named as a visionary

In Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms

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