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Overcome the pace of modern cybercrime

Render even previously unknown threats obsolete by protecting your customers from malicious URLs, IPs, files, and mobile applications by securing your network perimeter with next-generation threat intelligence solutions.

  • BrightCloud IP Reputation Service

    Helps network and security vendors augment their customers' defenses by continuously monitoring all IPv4 and in-use IPv6 addresses, to make a dynamic list of 12 million malicious IPs available in near real-time. With this service IT security administrators can easily identify threats and protect their networks against inbound attacks, and the time required to identify new and existing IP threats is drastically reduced. In addition, administrators gain visibility into the types of threats, as well as historical, geolocation, and other intelligence to make better informed threat decisions.

  • BrightCloud Web Classification & Reputation Services

    Network and security vendors can offer customers the most effective way to eliminate unwanted content and protect users against web-based threats. To keep ahead of the growing internet landscape, the Webroot Threat Intelligence Platform classifies and scores an average of 2,500+ URLs per second.

    The BrightCloud Web Classification service has categorized over 27 billion URLs across 83+ categories, enabling administrators to finely tune security and policy settings to keep users away from unwanted content. Additionally, with BrightCloud Web Reputation, network and security vendors can add an additional layer of security to web defenses by finely tuning policies based on the risk posed when opening a URL, regardless of category.

  • BrightCloud File Reputation Service

    As traditional cybersecurity can’t keep up with the volume and speed of modern malware, dynamic file intelligence is required to effectively stop the distribution of emerging file-based threats. This service provides an real-time lookup of known malicious and whitelisted file identifiers, regardless of file type, name, platform, encryption or password protection. With this service, Webroot partners can enable their customers to easily and effectively stop the distribution of emerging threats through their networks, before they infect devices.

  • BrightCloud Mobile App Reputation Service

    Helps vendors who provide mobile management and security solutions address the security vulnerabilities that mobility creates by categorizing and scoring millions of new and updated mobile applications. This service continuously analyzes applications from app stores and other online sources, applying multi-stage analysis and advanced algorithms to ensure that mobile apps are safe and compliant. Webroot partners can empower IT security professionals with the intelligence needed to restrict access to apps based on individual policies and risk tolerance.

  • BrightCloud Threat Investigator

    As the most dangerous threats often span multiple threat vectors, connections between URLs, IPs, files, and mobile apps are analyzed by the Webroot Threat Intelligence Platform in order to provide greater accuracy and predictive risk scores. This additional intelligence is made available as a complementary service for BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Services partners via and easy-to-use API. The insight provided by this contextual knowledge around an object under investigation provides greater knowledge around threats and enables security administrators to take proactive measures to automatically block associated malicious actors, regardless of type.

  • BrightCloud Real-Time Anti-Phishing Service

    Whenever users access the internet, Webroot partners can protect them from accidentally compromising their online accounts or picking up unwanted malware from unsafe sites. This approach detects phishing sites three to five days ahead of other anti-phishing solutions by automatically scanning and verifying sites in milliseconds, at the time of the request, to ensure they are genuine and safe. This provides significantly better protection against zero-hour phishing threats than static phishing blacklists to ensure users visit only the websites they intend to interact with.

  • BrightCloud Mobile Security SDK

    Addresses mobile device vulnerabilities by enabling mobile management and other security partners to offer enhanced security for their customers by leveraging this UI-less SDK. This provides a rich set of security features including antivirus, antimalware, device and application interrogation, secure web browsing and classification, and an overall device score for administrators to assess the risk levels of devices on their network. The SDK is lightweight and efficient, utilizing very little memory, bandwidth, or battery life.

  • BrightCloud SecureWeb™ Browser SDK

    To provide a secure online experience for devices, the SecureWeb SDK works with our Secure Web browser app for Android devices. Using proprietary Webroot Web Classification and Web Reputation databases, mobile vendors integrating this SDK can keep users secure by blocking access to malicious sites, including phishing sites, and away from unwanted sites by filtering content based on 83+ categories, such as gambling, pornography, and social networking sites.

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Research and analysis


Threat intelligence is one of the hottest topics in security and risk. Despite the hysteria, Security and Risk pros still believe that threat intelligence holds promise and can provide them an edge against the overwhelming threat landscape.


The Webroot Threat Research Team offers insights, analysis, and information on collective threat intelligence, key threat trends, and the future of malware.


View an on-demand webinar on industry trends and the twelve recommendations for your security program.

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