Webroot® Threat Intelligence for Cybersecurity

Integrated by leading security vendors worldwide, Webroot BrightCloud® Threat Intelligence Services help you give customers proactive protection against modern threats.

The value of cyber threat intelligence

Webroot BrightCloud® Threat Intelligence Services protect your customers from malicious URLs, IPs, files, and mobile apps by integrating accurate and near real-time threat intelligence into your network and endpoint protection. The platform scans billions of IP addresses and billions of URLs across millions of domains, in addition to millions of mobile apps, and leverages machine learning to classify and categorize each according to the threat it represents to your business.

Because today’s cyber threat landscape shifts so rapidly, and much of the malware we see today will be gone tomorrow, cloud-based solutions making instantaneous updates must replace static and list-based antivirus solutions. 

What can threat intelligence do for your business? 

Protect your customers’ networks and end users from malicious and unwanted URLs, IPs, files, and mobile apps by integrating accurate and timely threat intelligence into your solutions.

Keep end users safe and productive

The Webroot BrightCloud® Web Classification and Reputation Services provide categorization and independent reputation scores on over 43 billion URLs, so you can empower your customers’ administrators to block malicious and unwanted web content.

Block malicious inbound traffic

The Webroot BrightCloud® IP Reputation Service monitors and dynamically scores addresses across the entire IPv4 and in-use IPv6 space, and is able to detect, analyze and classify 600,000 new malicious IP addresses daily. This enables your solution to block such traffic and provide customizable settings based on needs and risk tolerance.

Stop phishing in its tracks

The Webroot BrightCloud® Real-Time Anti-Phishing Service lets your solution catch advanced phishing attacks that can expose your customers’ users to breaches and data loss, providing time-of-need protection through real-time scans.

Stay ahead of the latest malware

Webroot BrightCloud® Streaming Malware Detection combats polymorphic malware by flagging files as they traverse your network perimeter device. Additionally, the Webroot BrightCloud® File Reputation Service uses file behavior records to empower your solution to work more efficiently, letting good files through while blocking the bad.

Distinguish good and bad files

The Webroot BrightCloud® File Reputation Service provides a cloud-based database of billions of known good and bad file behavior records so your solution can work more efficiently by letting good files pass through while blocking the bad.

Control and manage cloud application usage

Webroot® BrightCloud® Cloud Service Intelligence enables CASBs and other technology vendors to prevent unsafe, unsanctioned, unwanted or noncompliant usage of cloud services and applications (shadow IT) by enforcing data-centric security policies.

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The most dangerous threats span multiple threat vectors. That’s why Webroot continually maps connections between URLs, IPs, files, and apps to provide greater accuracy and predictive risk scores.

and Datasheets

BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Services are powered by the most advanced machine learning in the industry. Discover Webroot machine learning, research, and analysis in intelligence-driven security.

Threat Investigator

The BrightCloud Threat Investigator visually showcases the contextual relationships between URLs, IPs, files, and apps, as well as object information, including threat status, history, geolocation, and more.

Partner with Webroot

Why partner with Webroot

Together with our partners, we’ve built the market’s most proven security platform. 


With a closed loop process, our partner deployments enhance our threat visibility and help us deliver rapid, accurate threat intelligence where it matters most: to your customers. Webroot offers flexible commercial and deployment models, in addition to world-class support, to ensure our partners’ success.

Partners explain how to choose a threat intelligence vendor


“We evaluated a few different vendors and found that Webroot had the best services in place and the best data quality.”

Madhu Reddy
Principal Product Manager
F5 Networks 

“…Webroot had a unique architecture to deliver URL classification at speeds that I needed…”

Manuel Nedbal

“In terms of choosing a vendor, I would advise folks to look at what kind of infrastructure they have to provide regular and reliable updates back to the customers.”

Madhu Reddy
Principal Product Manager
F5 Networks

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