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Best of Breed vs. Suite Anti-spyware
Anti-spyware products that are generally sold in a security suite are considered to be about 50 percent effective in identifying spyware, while standalone anti-spyware is approximately 90 percent effective. Security is about the management of risk. It is not about making things perfectly secure, but balancing potential losses and their likelihood against the cost to mitigate the potential loss.
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Data Breach Notification Laws: The Need for Spyware Detection Capability
Emerging notification standards require businesses to notify customers whenever a company has experienced a data security breach that put customers' personal information at risk. The financial consequences of notification can be disastrous: In one recent survey of consumers who had received breach notifications, 20 percent reported terminating their relationship with the reporting company and 40 percent stated that they intended to take that action.
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IDC and Webroot present: Securing Enterprise Environments against Spyware: Benefits of Best-of-Breed Security.
Spyware is a growing security threat facing corporations today - in fact, research from IDC now ranks spyware as the fastest growing security threat to network security, well ahead of spam and even cyber-terrorism.
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The Emerging Threat of Legal Liability for Failure to Prevent Spyware Attacks
Corporations striving to comply with data security laws and regulatory initiatives, such as Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act, must implement anti-spyware measures.
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Spyware Meets HIPAA
With the advent of HIPAA, security is no longer an option for healthcare organizations. Instead, the questions today are related to how much security is enough and where to focus security efforts.
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Spyware versus Viruses
Spyware is a Unique Challenge. Unlike viruses, the motivations behind spyware are financial, which has driven rapid technical innovation and broad distribution. Read this paper to understand the key Differences between Spyware and Viruses.
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Anti-Spyware Software: Securing the Enterprise Network
As enterprise anti-spyware products rapidly emerge and the spyware threat continues to grow, enterprises need to quickly establish a strategy for handling the threat. This paper reviews the threat, available solutions and recommendations.
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Building a Business Case for Enterprise Spyware Protection
Need help building a business case for an anti-spyware investment? Read this white paper as a guide to quantify the scope of the spyware problem within corporate environments.
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Threat Chaos: Making Sense of the Online Threat Landscape
To help understand the different types of Internet-borne threats that exist and how they can negatively impact your company's bottom line, download this white paper for an analysis of the vulnerabilities, vectors, and nefarious actions associated with existing and emerging threats.
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