Webroot Security Awareness Training

  • Educate employees and reduce the risk of cybersecurity incidents

  • Simple administration and campaign management

  • Multi-tenant management solution purpose-built for MSPs and SMBs

  • Automated training management plus compliance reporting at an individual, group and company level

Existing customers can add Security Awareness Training to their account in seconds.

What is security
awareness training?

Webroot® Security Awareness Training is a proven educational approach for reducing risky employee behaviors that can lead to security compromises. By efficiently delivering relevant information, security awareness training transforms employees into a business's best line of defense. Employees learn about subjects like information security, social engineering, malware and industry-specific compliance topics. Knowledge verification increases employee resilience to cyberattacks at home, on the move and at the office.

Why is security awareness training necessary?

As cybersecurity threats continue to increase and evolve, security awareness training helps businesses decrease help desk costs, protect their reputation and secure their overall cybersecurity investment.

According to the 2022 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report: 82% of all breaches involve a human element. Well-trained users reduce these incidents, resulting in reduced costs related to lost productivity and system downtime.

Security Awareness Training


Check Mark IconSimple administration and campaign

Check Mark IconHigh relevancy and frequency of training updates featuring useful, interactive and effective content

Check Mark IconIntegrated solution for MSPs and SMBs with multi-tenant management

Check Mark IconAutomated training management and compliance reporting at an individual, group and company level

Check Mark Icon20% less malware compared to customers with Webroot® Endpoint Protection alone

Check Mark IconQuickly create realistic phishing simulations using real-world attack templates to let your users practice and create a cyber resilient work culture



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Easy to use
  • Simple four-step wizard to launch campaigns

  • Global campaign deployment - send training to multiple clients at once

  • Mobile and tablet friendly training

  • Support for languages including English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Portuguese

  • Free support

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Powerful automation
  • Azure AD integration for automated user provisioning
  • Automatic enrollment for deployment of required training to new users
  • Easy deployment and management through the Webroot Management Console and Unity API
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Integrated reporting and visibility
  • One vendor – offering phishing, training and compliance
  • All-inclusive pricing for features, security and compliance content
  • Regular real-world monthly updates

SAT Autopilot demo

Autopilot is a turnkey security awareness program. Identify your target audience to
automatically apply monthly training and phishing campaigns, as recommended by NIST.


No matter what industry your business operates within,
Security Awareness Training secures you from human error.
Our customers (MSPs) think so too.

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Digital Boardwalk

"We were working with a client on a Microsoft® Teams rollout. We used the opportunity to deploy a Webroot template phishing simulation to test their end users. Four people fell for it! That’s four opportunities where a real phishing attack could have gotten through and eventually infected the network."

- Brian Wilkey, EVP and Co-founder, Digital Boardwalk

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“There’s no doubt that Webroot® Security Awareness Training has had a hugely beneficial effect. Clients are becoming more wary of suspicious emails and, as a result, are logging more support calls with us.”

- Bryan Fitzpatrick, Ortus

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