Webroot Case Studies

Complete cybersecurity must account for networks, users, and endpoints. But as these Webroot MSP partners attest,
layered security not only leads to safer clients, but increases profitability as well. Read on to see what our partners are saying about implementing layered security for their clients.

Ssedona Case Study: DNS Protection reduces help desk calls by ~40%

Who is Sedona Technologies?

Sedona is a large and established IT and engineering services firm with a successful managed services division. 
Founded in 1986, The Sedona Group® has offices in over 30 US cities and annual sales of over $110 million. 

Webroot-installed endpoints

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What were their cybersecurity challenges?

When looking to add network-level protection to their security services offerings, they hit snags during the rollout phase of a proxy-based solution. That led them to investigate other options for protecting their clients while conserving resources.


“We evaluated a lot of competitors. We originally didn’t go with a DNS solution, but more of a proxy-based solution. But our partner became very difficult to work with. The amount of steps I had to take to get them up and running for a client, it took far more resources than it should have. We needed a simpler, more streamlined solution. We evaluated a lot of products and ultimately the decision to go with Webroot was working directly with your staff. With the endpoint protection, we had specific policies for the software we had to put in place to make sure they were up and running and you guys listened. There was no delay. The level of service was just beyond everything else.”

– Jason Ballard, IT Solutions Manager,
   Sedona Technologies


Let Webroot Help

What happened after Sedona switched to Webroot?

270 internet threats blocked daily across its customer base

51 spear phishing attempts blocked monthly over a single quarter

40% fewer help desk calls

How did Webroot help get results?

Layered security solutions from Webroot provide:

  • Proven protection against ransomware and other threats
  • DNS-level protection capable of stopping 88% of malware at the domain layer
  • Security awareness training capable of turning your security stack's weakest link into its first line of defense


"It’s pretty big for our bottom line. You’re trying to get your clients off a break/fix model and onto a flat monthly fee where you just take care of everything. There are easy sells, once someone’s fallen victim to a ransomware attack, or employees are spending too much time going to sites they’re not supposed to. Then there are ones where we need to spend time gathering data and preparing reports to demonstrate security vulnerabilities. We explain why times have changed and how threats are completely different than they were just a couple of years ago. They come to understand it pretty quickly."


Let Webroot Help


Sedona had been experiencing frequent infections and clients with users making DNS requests to malicious sites. This was limiting profit margins per client due to frequent support and remediation work. 


After Webroot

After implementing Webroot Business Endpoint Protection, Webroot DNS Protection, and Webroot Security Awareness Training, Sedona blocked 51 targeted spear phishing attempts against its clients, and an average of 270 internet threats daily.

"For our clients with DNS Protection, help desk calls are reduced by almost 40%." – Jason Ballard, IT Solutions Manager, Sedona Technologies

Webroot Virus Protection Software

"Layered security is very much an upsell for us. We’re trying to move our customers to this type of layered model, where they’re more protected. When we add the right services with partners like Webroot, upsells improve our margins and give us more room to maneuver in other aspects of our business."

– Jason Ballard, IT Solutions Manager, Sedona Technologies

Which Webroot products did Sedona use?

Webroot® Business Endpoint Protection
Multi-vector protection from Webroot is the only way to secure endpoints and users across all stages of a cyberattack.

Webroot® DNS Protection
Stop malware with secure DNS protection before it enters your network with this essential web security tool.

Webroot® Security Awareness Training
Create a more secure workforce and educate your end users on preventing online security breaches.


“We talk about layered solutions and why they’re so important, and customers come to an understanding pretty quickly. For our clients, it’s the peace of mind that they have the right solutions and the right partners in place with these services."

– Jason Ballard, IT Solutions Manager,
   Sedona Technologies