Security Intelligence for Mobile Management Vendors

Mobility currently represents one of the driving factors behind almost all business and IT initiatives. Analyst firm IDC concludes that mobility will coalesce with social media, big data and cloud services to form the four pillars of computing’s next dominant platform. As end-users increasingly rely on smartphones and tablets for their personal and business activities, they store valuable information on these devices that is attracting the attention of cybercriminals. This has spawned mobile threats not only becoming more prolific, but also more sophisticated.

Despite the significant risk, according to a recent study by Webroot®, more than half of businesses said they do not have any solution in place to manage mobile devices and security. IT departments need to secure mobile devices against malicious malware and applications while also protecting corporate and personal data. Administrators need the ability to centrally manage security for mobile devices as they currently do for laptops and desktops. These challenges make it critical to implement mobile data management tools that incorporate intelligent security technology.

Webroot's mobile security solutions address the ongoing, evolving and increasingly dangerous mobile threat landscape. It offers mobile management providers security technology that can be embedded within their solutions or delivered as a cloud-based service. Our suite of security solutions provides the ability to secure devices from malware, malicious web sites and application hijacks. Leveraging threat data gather by the cloud-based Webroot® Intelligence Network (WIN), the world's most comprehensive cloud-based security intelligence service, Webroot provides the following technology solutions for mobile solution providers:


Webroot Android SDK is designed to address the vulnerabilities of mobile devices by providing mobile management partners the ability to offer security for their customers. The Android SDK is a robust, UI-less mobile security solution antivirus, antimalware, secure web browsing and URL filtering/content classification.


SecureWeb is a fully functional standalone Android Browser with best in class web content classification and reputation.


App Reputation Service is a multi-staged analysis process that collects detailed data on applications, categorizes and assigns a score based on algorithms using detailed analysis data

Our SDKs and services are designed for integration by Mobile Device Management (MDM) providers, mobile business app developers, device manufacturers, SaaS providers, app stores and security vendors. Integrate and leverage the Webroot Mobile Security Intelligence Suite to assure your customers are safe and protected from mobile threats.

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