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December 2006

12.25.2006 ITP | Nothing to See − Keep Your Habits Private
Whenever you use a PC, you inadvertently leave a footprint behind of your actions. Any items you’ve deleted for instance, aren’t actually 100% gone as there are still fragments of data on your hard drive that can be reconstructed using an undelete program.

12.18.2006 CRN | Webroot EMEA Partners Given the ChannelEdge
Speaking to CRN, Daniel Mothersdale, EMEA marketing director at Webroot, said: “The portal was initially developed in the US, but due to demand we have decided to make it available to our European partners.”

12.04.2006 Denver Business Journal | Webroot Launches Small−Business Software Package
Webroot Software Inc. announced Wednesday that it would offer a suite of software geared to small and mid−sized businesses.

November 2006

11.13.2006 eWeek | Webroot Swaps in New CEO
Webroot Software announced on Nov. 6 that it has moved Peter Watkins, a former executive at anti−virus maker McAfee, into the job of chief executive.

11.06.2006 PC Magazine | Spy Sweeper 5.2 with Antivirus
The software completely integrates the virus and spyware protection; you see one schedule, one update mechanism, one on−demand scanner, and one set of real−time protective shields.

October 2006

10.25.2006 TechRockies | Fast 50 Winners Named
The top Deloitte Fast 50 fastest-growing technology, media and entertainment, telecommunications and life sciences companies were named today for Colorado.

10.10.2006 Rocky Mountain News | Webroot Flexing Muscle: Spyware Fighter in Partnership to Target Viruses
Webroot Software Inc. is itching to become a tech heavyweight — one known for more than its popular software that combats privacy− stealing programs known as spyware.

September 2006

09.15.2006 eWeek | Spy Sweeper Digs Deep For Rootkits
Already among the most respected names in spyware defense, Webroot raises the bar with Spy Sweeper Enterprise 3.0 _ the overall detection features are miles ahead of any other enterprise-grade product available today.

09.15.2006 Review: Webroot Spy Sweeper 5
I have used Spy Sweeper since version 2 and will continue to do so. The product is easy to use in that you can set it up and almost forget about it as it carries out its designated task.

August 2006

08.31.2006 Suburban Chicago News | Time to E-Can Spam
For top-notch PC protection against spyware, consider Webroot Spy Sweeper.

08.30.2006 Debug the Worm
The September issue of Consumer Reports, which has a feature devoted to computer defense programs, gave its top rating to Webroot's Spy Sweeper.

08.22.2006 PC Magazine | You Need Antispyware
If you connect to the Internet at all, ever, you should be worried about spyware.

08.22.2006 Fighting Spyware with 'Spyware'
In addition to antivirus and anti−spam, a dedicated anti−spyware program is becoming a necessity. Spy Sweeper fills the role nicely.

08.22.2006 More Consumers’ PCs Infected With Spyware
The percentage of consumers' computers carrying some sort of spyware jumped and sent overall infection rate to levels not seen since 2004.

July 2006

07.31.2006 PC Magazine | Spy Sweeper 5.0
Spy Sweeper remains a favorite for protection from spyware.

07.05.2006 You Can't Keep a Bad Scheme Down
As one alarming spyware scheme gets shut down, another one crops up.

June 2006

06.06.2006 CSIA names Webroot Top Company Again
Webroot was named technology company of the year for the second year in a row by the Colorado Software & Internet Association.

06.02.2006 Spy Sweeper Enterprise Sniffs Out Rootkits
Version 3.0 brings the enterprise version up to par with the consumer program and includes a redesigned client interface and several new defenses.

May 2006

05.09.2006 A Conversation About Spyware
Had a chance the other day to talk to David Moll, CEO of Webroot, about the state of spyware.

April 2006

04.30.2006 Mossberg's Mailbox
My only advice is to add a third anti-spyware program, such as Webroot's Spy Sweeper, which is my favorite.

04.20.2006 The Little Blue Browser
I never cease to be amazed at the sleazy tricks that online scammers have when it comes to trying to dupe inexperienced Internet users.

04.01.2006 File Sharing Dangers More Than Legal Troubles
Here's the bottom line: Avoid file-sharing programs. They could endanger your privacy and your wallet.

March 2006

03.30.2006 eWeek | Anti-Malware Vendors Stare Down Microsoft Threat
David Moll, chief executive at Webroot, said he is amazed at how quickly experts are ready to believe that Microsoft's malware-fighting tools will be strong enough to serve the needs of business customers.

03.20.2006 Best Anti-Malware
Webroot Spy Sweeper Enterprise 2.5 beat CA, Sunbelt and Trend Micro to be named SC Magazine's Best Anti-Malware Solution.

03.02.2006 ZDNet | Windows Defender Beta 2 vs. spyware
Windows Defender only detected and removed approximately 65 percent to 75 percent of the spyware compared to Spy Sweeper.

03.01.2006 Computer Outlook Radio Show (Audio Clip 1.3Mb)
Spy Sweeper saves the day by protecting users against 'Spy Sheriff'.

February 2006

02.26.2006 Webroot Raises Its Stake in the Channel
Webroot already is a standout partner in terms of its responsiveness and attentiveness to the channel, said Monte Robertson, president of Software Security Solutions.

02.24.2006 Spy Killer Webroot Refines Channel to Target the Enterprise
The Channel Edge Partner Program fortifies Webroot's VAR relationships and allows the company to deliver more support to each VAR.

02.22.2006 Invasion of the Computer Snatchers
A look at how hackers, like "0x80" control thousands of PCs and use them to make money.

02.20.2006 PC World blog | Spyware Can Make Your PC Lie to You - Report
The Webroot State of Spyware 2005: Year in Review reports that 2005 was the worst year for spyware - and the best year for cybercriminals - ever.

02.18.2006 PC Magazine | REVIEW: Antispyware
Spy Sweeper receives fifth PC Magazine Editors' Choice award.

02.16.2006 What Hides in Your Computer?
Watch out for spyware that's pretending to be anti-spyware - there are some 200 rogue anti-spyware applications out there, says Webroot CEO David Moll.

02.14.2006 Spyware Triples During 2005
Spyware tripled during 2005, became ever-more sophisticated and stealthy, and attached itself to U.S. computers at rates above any other country.

02.12.2006 Get Smart: Enterprise Anti-Spyware
"For my money, the best of these three enterprise anti-spyware applications is Webroot Spy Sweeper Enterprise. Its mix of granular features, real-time defense, a full client interface, and dashboard reporting- and its inclusion of external command-line tools- makes Spy Sweeper stand out."

January 2006

01.30.2006 Olive Software | GroupTest: Anti-spyware
"With excellent protection and an enterprise-worthy management console, Spy Sweeper Enterprise has the protection you need."

01.28.2006 VAR Business | Webroot Hires Gerhard Eschelbeck in Exec Shuffle
Webroot named Gerhard Eschelbeck as chief technology officer and senior vice president of engineering in addition to Joshua Pace's appointment as chief financial officer.

01.26.2006 Is There a Spy on Your PC?
Cyber crooks are working overtime to get keystroke loggers on to your computer.

01.24.2006 Product Reviews: Window Washer 6.0
"Used alongside Webroot Spy Sweeper, Window Washer provides an almost perfect privacy package."

01.22.2006 Products of the Year 2005: Anti-Spyware
"Well thought-out product, enterprise features, good support availability and updated regularly."

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