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October 2008

10.03.2008 PC Pro | Hackers use Google Trends as a Hitlist
Hackers are setting up fake blogs riddled with malware, after being tipped off about the latest hot topics from Google Trends.

10.02.2008 cnet news | All the news that's fit to exploit--Google Trends
Cybercriminals who want to steal data and take control of computers are doing so by luring victims to sites with hidden malware. But how do they attract unsuspecting victims?

September 2008

09.29.2008 SecurityProNews | P2P Sites Spreading Obama/McCain Malware
Beware of downloading campaign videos via peer-to-peer networks like LimeWire and FrostWire. A large percentage of them may be carrying something worse than mudslinging.

09.25.2008 IT News | In-the-cloud security to grow in economic crisis, Webroot predicts
The economic downturn could give the software as a service (SaaS) model an edge over traditional security software provision, Webroot believes.

09.25.2008 IT Business Edge | Life Still Risky on the Wild, Wild Web
A quartet of studies and attention from the group mandated to protect credit and debit cards makes clear that threats from Web application exploits are as dangerous − or even more dangerous − than ever.

09.17.2008 ARN | Computelec partners with Webroot for SaaS push
Elsby said Computelec would be tailoring the suite of Webroot Web and email security SaaS solutions to each school’s individual requirement.

09.16.2008 IT News | Aussie schools get SaaS with Webroot
"A total security package allows educators to focus their attention on educating young Australians rather than dealing with spam or Internet threats."

09.05.2008 PC World | Webroot Secure Backup Service
Webroot's backup client is extremely easy to configure and use. In addition, it allows you to back up to a local drive as well as to the company's online storage--a trick that Mozy and Fabrik lack.

09.02.2008 | Study finds SaaS gaining traction at midsize firms
The Enterprise Strategy Group survey follows a report issued by Gartner Inc. last month that predicted the demand for hosted services will jump over the next five years. The research firm said cloud-based services this year account for 20% of revenue in the messaging security market.

August 2008

08.27.2008 Daily Camera | A Chat With.....Mike Irwin
The Camera recently interviewed Irwin about the growth of Boulder-based Webroot Software, the types of threats that exist online and where the industry and Webroot is headed.

08.14.2008 Electronic House | Multi-task with these Cool Portables…
"However, if you are a long time user of Norton or McAfee anti virus, you know that their products often cause more issues than they resolve. What should you do?...Webroot Anti-Virus has fast become the choice for a lot of pros and is also getting popular with consumers."

08.05.2008 | Webroot Enhances Security SaaS to Combat E-Mail Spam Backscatter
"The impact of backscatter is especially hard on businesses with fewer IT resources or appliances that just can't scale to meet the processing load. With network security in the cloud, companies of all sizes can enjoy a scalable enterprise-class security solution that is easy to manage and provides better protection and value than traditional appliances and software."

July 2008

07.21.2008 PC Advisor | Webroot Secure Backup Review
"...Webroot also provides users with the ability to backup to a variety of local media, and the simple interface provides the option to save files locally or online."

07.17.2008 eWeek | Security SAAS Makes Messaging Strides
"Already, a number of vendors are doubling down and offering multiple security applications in the cloud...Webroot, for example, launched Webroot Web Security SAAS in June."

07.17.2008 SC Magazine | New secure online backup for home users
"Home PC users who want to protect their pictures and music from damage can secure their files by installing Webroot's new backup system."

07.15.2008 | Webroot Launches Secure Online Backup Service
"Respected security vendor Webroot announced it has begun offering a secure online backup service."

07.09.2008 The Wall Street Journal | Programs That Overwrite Hard Drives
"There's a $20 program for Windows called Window Washer from Webroot...I have tested it, and I can recommend it."

07.02.2008 Reseller News | Soft Solutions Secures Unique Webroot Reseller Deal
Soft Solutions will distribute the entire Webroot Email Security services range, including the standard bundle of content control, spam and anti-virus, along with an advanced bundle with a business continuity module added."

June 2008

06.17.2008 | Web Security and the SaaS Factor
The online security space has been no different than any number of other software categories in its adoption of Software as a Service.

06.10.2008 Security | Web And Email SAAS Adoption Driven By Simplicity Says Research
Simplified management, improved effectiveness and lower total cost of ownership are fuelling the adoption of E-mail and Web security SaaS solutions in particular, driven by the dramatic increase in malware and spam.

06.09.2008 Application Development Trends | Webroot Launches Web Security SaaS Solution
Webroot this week launched its new Webroot Web Security Software as a Service (SaaS) product, a hosted online threat protection solution for SMB, consumer, and enterprise markets.

06.06.2008 | Managed security services to climb as IT costs rise
Several companies, including HP, IBM and Webroot Software Inc., have begun to offer some of their security products as SaaS options. Webroot, of Boulder, Colo., this week introduced its new Web Security SaaS product, a comprehensive Internet security offering that includes content control, URL filtering, threat protection and other features.

06.05.2008 NetworkWorld | Webroot woos SMBs with online security
SMBs are finally being offered a way to buy desktop security that doesn't come on a CD. U.S. vendor Webroot has formally launched a suite of security applications delivered as an online service.

06.04.2008 Computer Business Review | Continuity moves up the agenda in email services
As well as offering scanning, archiving and encryption, a number of email service providers, such as Mimecast and Webroot, are increasingly focusing on email continuity.

May 2008

05.09.2008 | Webroot launches $1 million security data center
Security provider Webroot this week launched its first data centre in the southern hemisphere to support its expansion into the Asia Pacific market.

05.06.2008 | Webroot Turns Desktop Security Into an Off-Site Service
Software security company Webroot unveiled their E-Mail Security SaaS business solution back at the beginning of the year. The aim was to remove the need for special software, servers or expertise on-site of any small business when dealing with email security. Webroot would instead offer the protection before any email reaches company machines, as well as a host of additional features including encryption, archiving and management for a subscription charge.

05.05.2008 Information Week | Security Continues Its Drive Toward The Cloud
Everything from CRM software to word processors and spreadsheets is now delivered as services. It’s about time that more security vendors do the same.

05.03.2008 PC World | Webroot to Offer Security by Subscription
Nobody likes desktop PC security software. It's intrusive, it slows you down, and it constantly needs updating. And if you think blocking viruses and other malware is a pain on your home computer, spare a thought for the IT staff at work. When you have dozens or even hundreds of PCs to manage, security can quickly become a fulltime hassle.

05.01.2008 Network World | Webroot plots the end of desktop security
Security's rising star, Webroot, plans to offer Web and malware filtering as a service to SMBs, the first vendor of any size to offer such a capability in subscription form.

April 2008

04.28.2008 Keep the Kids Safe Online
Kids use computer for everything these days, homework, games, chatting with friends. The computer is an invaluable tool but like any tools, can misused, parental control utilities let parents apply appropriate limit and event monitor exactly what kids are doing on the computer.

04.24.2008 eWeek | Webroot Looks to Take Hold in U.S.
Now that the dust has settled on its acquisition of Email Systems, security vendor Webroot is making an aggressive push into the United States with its email security software-as-a-service offering.

04.15.2008 Dark Reading | Webroot Presents Malware Security Tips
Webroot, a leading security provider for the consumer, enterprise and SME markets, has issued a white paper entitled 'How to Protect Business from Malware at the Endpoint and the Perimeter' that includes four key tips to protect enterprises and SMEs against malware infection.

04.11.2008 Network World | "Inside the black market 'bug trade’
"You’ve got to start thinking of what to do with zero-day threats outside of patching," Gerhard Eschelbeck, chief technology officer at Boulder, Colo.-based Webroot Software Inc., said. "There has to be more thinking in the industry about heuristic and behavioral models."

March 2008

03.29.2008 Washington Post | IRS Warns of New Online Tax Scams: Protect Yourself
Security experts at Webroot Software report seeing a new wave of keyloggers (programs that secretly record every character you type), system monitors, and viruses leading up to prime tax filing season.

03.27.2008 eWeek | Webroot, Iron Mountain Join Online Storage Security Space
...both highly successful companies have come to the fore with online storage and data protection services.

03.14.2008 eWeek Channel Insider | Google`s Channel Woes are Webroot`s Gain
Google’s changes to Postini’s pricing structure and its recent channel moves are helping Webroot recruit new email security services resellers.

03.11.2008 TechNewsWorld | Cyber-Thieves’ New Target: Business Processes
The business use of email worldwide has become so critical that the ever-increasing number of spam attacks containing malware are placing corporate and customer information at the highest levels of risk yet, according to an industry-wide survey Internet security firm Webroot conducted last month.

03.08.2008 | PC Program Helps Patrol Kids' Web Use
For parents looking for a dependable program to monitor such activities, there is Webroot's Parental Controls.

03.06.2008 CIO | Internet-borne Viruses Foiled by SaaS
It (spam) increased by 400% between September 2006 to September 2007, said Peter Watkins, CEO security firm Webroot Software, during a keynote presentation at Network World's IT Roadmap conference in Denver.

03.05.2008 eWeek | Webroot to Address Web Security SAAS
Webroot Software broke into security SAAS (software as a service) when it merged with Email Systems in November 2007, and now the company is looking to extend that same SAAS approach to the world of Web security as it targets the midmarket.

February 2008

02.21.2008 Computer World | The Spyware Threat: How to Protect your Business
This Webcast will provide information about current trends and statistics in IT security, the differences between spyware and viruses, the challenges facing IT staff, and how to protect your business from the growing malware menace.

02.19.2008 JSonline | In today's Internet world, it's spy vs. spy
And it's a problem that is getting worse, according to spyware expert Richard Stiennon, vice president of threat research for Webroot software in Boulder, Colo.

02.14.2008 Techrockies | Webroot Adds Three to Executive Staff
Security software publisher Webroot Software reported Wednesday that it has added three faces to its executive staff.

02.08.2008 Processor | More Security, Not Resources
It takes time and effort to manage unwanted email and can occupy valuable personnel. Webroot’s E-Mail Security SaaS (software as a service) provides the means to manage and secure email without the need for additional hardware, software, or manpower.

02.05.2008 IT News Online | Webroot Announces Availability of Webroot Parental Controls
"Webroot Parental Controls helps parents protect their children from computer risks even when they cannot personally monitor their child's activity."

January 2008

01.31.2008 ComputerWire | Webroot Plans Data Mining and Leak Prevention
"Webroot Software plans to add business intelligence and data leak prevention (DLP) capabilities to the email filtering service it got by merging with UK SaaS provider Email Systems at the end of 2007"

01.18.2008 Computer Active | Webroot Parental Controls 5.0
"Webroot Parental Controls is a tool you can use to completely manage user accounts and how each user connects to the Internet."

01.17.2008 Network World | Webroot reboots email security service
"At enterprise class levels security and security management is difficult and complex and therefore often unfulfilled. This is especially true in SMEs with limited security resources"

01.16.2008 | Webroot unveils email security SaaS system for SMEs
"Webroot's email security service uses up to five different anti-virus and two different spam filtering engines to keep up to date."

01.15.2008 EarthWebNews | Webroot Offers Cloud-Based E-mail Scanning Service
"Webroot E-mail Security SaaS features the anti-spam and anti-phishing that Webroot is known for, plus antivirus detection courtesy of its partner Sophos."

01.15.2008 TechNews World | Webroot Targets SMBs With E-Mail Security Offering
"Webroot's managed encryption service provides an open standard encryption mechanism through Transport Layer Security (TLS), while also offering desk-to-desk email encryption via public and private keys for added protection."

01.03.2008 Network World | Webroot Software offers real-time defense
"The recently released 5.5 version of Webroot AntiVirus with AntiSpyware and Firewall provides real-time and on-demand detection and remediation for virus and malware threats, and it boasts an easy-to-use user interface."

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