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Webroot® partners with leaders in networking, mobile and anti-fraud security industries to provide threat intelligence to their products. Learn more about the security solutions of our valued partners.


CoS Core and CoS Stream Next-Generation Firewalls

Our products are designed from the inside out, so not only do they offer the highest levels of protection against the everchanging threats that networks are challenged by, but they look beautiful, too. Clavister products are designed for ease of installation, management and maintenance on any network. The user interface is easy to use and ensures the highest levels of security are maintained.

Our solutions are based on:

  • Good design
  • Extreme performance
  • Simplicity

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APV Series Application Delivery Controllers

By combining the advanced threat intelligence and automated machine learning of Webroot's BrightCloud® Web Classification and Reputation Services with the SSL intercept (SSLi) capability of Array APV Series application delivery controllers, customers can ensure their applications are highly available and running in their power band while providing a deeper level of security that helps them to adhere to industry-specific compliance requirements.

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CloudPost Solutions

Automate the security of IoT and OT devices IoT security platform built using ML/AI to rapidly discover and risk assess various IoT devices on the network, understand there communication patterns, threats and behavioral anomalies and provide a enforcement model consisting of micro-segmentation and fine grained policy generation to be applied on the network. As part of threat detection aspect of the product. Webroot is used as the threat intelligence service.

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Bandura Threat Intelligence Gateway (Bandura TIG)

Is managing your threat intelligence or using it to block threats difficult or time-consuming?

Bandura TIG delivers automated threat intelligence-based protection at massive scale by filtering network traffic against huge volumes of threat intelligence indicators (IPs and domains). It is a turnkey solution that:

  • Comes with Webroot's BrightCloud® IP Reputation feed
  • Is easy to deploy and operate
  • Can integrate multiple threat feeds
  • Leverages automation to reduce staff workload
  • Updates threat feeds dynamically

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CleanINTERNET Managed Service

Centripetal, a Webroot valued partner, protects organizations from advanced threats by operationalizing intelligence-driven security. Centripetal delivers the market’s only patented Threat Intelligence Gateway via its CleanINTERNET solution, a comprehensive managed security service that includes live cyber analyst support. Customers persistently block over 90% of known threats with applied intelligence, rapid correlation, and automated enforcement of billions of IOCs.

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