Webroot Brightcloud® File Reputation Service

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Detect, Investigate, and Mitigate Malware and Malicious Files

The Webroot BrightCloud® File Reputation Service provides partners with a real-time lookup service to quickly verify malware, malicious, and trustworthy files, so that policies can be established to automatically allow, block, or further investigate. 

  • Up-to-the-minute file reputations based on known malicious and whitelisted file identifiers
  • Purpose-built detection and prevention of unique polymorphic infections and other emerging malware threats
  • A continuously updated feed and over 37 billion detailed file behavior records for much faster discovery of zero-day threats than other services
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Why Webroot

Today’s network and security vendors strive to the meet the demands of a customer base in need of reduced noise at the network edge to free up valued security resources. The File Reputation Service leverages the Webroot® platform to harness collective intel from millions of sources, offering partners up-to-the-minute file reputation services to enhance customers’ security infrastructure.


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