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Webroot podcasts explore the hottest topics in cybersecurity. If businesses and IT professionals need to know about it to stay one step ahead of the latest threats, we're discussing it on one of our podcast episodes. 

A mini podcast series

Webroot returns with another podcast series, this time exploring how MSPs can mitigate risks and boost cyber defenses within their own businesses. ChannelE2E and MSSP Alert editor Joe Panettieri is joined by Webroot experts for a miniseries that looks at the trends and threats facing today’s MSPs.

NIST Cybersecurity Framework
Joe Panettieri and Webroot’s Nick Emanuel discuss how MSPs can adapt the National Institute of Standards (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework as a blueprint for mitigating risk for both themselves and their clients.

Automated Detection & Response
Host Joe Panettieri and Webroot's George Anderson contrast traditional endpoint protection with the surging popularity of Automated Detection and Response (ADR) and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) approaches to threat hunting.

FBI warning to MSPs
Webroot’s George Anderson returns to discuss a pointed warning issued to MSPs by the FBI about being a vector for attacks against their customers. With host Joe Paniettieri, Anderson evaluates the memo and the response it’s elicited from MSPs.

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A mini podcast series

In this special, Webroot podcast series we offer a behind-the-scenes look at the shadowy world of cybercrime from those battling it on the frontlines. Featuring ChannelE2E co-founder and host Joe Panettieri, alongside guest experts from around the industry, discussions delve into the most pressing issues in cybersecurity with those who know them best.

Newest Episodes

Cities Under Cyber Siege
Denver, Atlanta, Baltimore...the list of cities that have experienced ransomware attacks continues to grow, along with bill footed by taxpayers. On this episode, Webroot director of security intelligence Grayson Milbourne and host Joe Panettieri discuss municipalities as prime targets for hackers.

Paralyzing Password Attacks
Mimikatz, open source malware used to gather credentials on Windows computers, is an ancient relic in terms of cybersecurity. On this episode, host Joe Panettieri and Webroot director of security intelligence Grayson Milbourne ponder how a technique first developed in 2007 still poses a threat to PC users.

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Introducing the Malware Manifesto

Can't get enough malware? The Malware Manifesto is a database of major known threats as seen by Webroot and other security channels. Join today to chat about developments in cybersecurity and find helpful resources on trending topics.

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