DNS Protection
for guest wifi

Secure your guest & public WiFi networks to stop malware, prevent compliance issues, and protect your customers
and reputation.

Guest WiFi Security Risks

Whether you’re at the airport, in a coffee shop, in your hotel, or at the dentist’s office, public WiFi is rapidly becoming a standard offering for businesses of all types. But uncontrolled web usage brings high risk for security threats.

Depending on the industry in which a business operates, uncontrolled web usage not only risks introducing malware to the network, but can also cause regulatory compliance issues and damage your reputation with customers.

Protect against:
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Unencrypted networks
  • Malware distribution
  • Snooping and sniffing
  • Malicious hotspots

How to Secure Your Guest WiFi

Webroot® DNS Protection is a fast, easy-to-deploy DNS layer security solution that protects your WiFi connection and restricts access to malicious, suspicious, or otherwise unwanted websites—ranging from Adult and Gambling to Shopping, Streaming, and more. With DNS Protection for Guest WiFi, you can ensure guest WiFi security for the users and devices that connect to your network, as well as your business and reputation.

Why we're different


Stop up to 90% of malware

Protect your DNS connections over WiFi to block threats at the domain layer, before they reach your customers and guests.

Enforce security policies

Filter access to malicious, suspicious, or otherwise unwanted websites—such as Adult, Gambling, Streaming, Shopping, and more—using 80 URL categories.

Skip the hardware

100% cloud-based, secure, and resilient Wifi security service takes just minutes to set up. Protect users on your guest WiFi networks against cyberattacks.

Get granular visibility

Oversee all internet access and fine-tune WiFi access policies to find the ideal balance between your users' needs and network security.

Protect any device

Regardless of operating system, any device that connects to your WiFi will benefit from a secure connection and protection from DNS threats.

Enhance your web security

In this day and age, even HTTPS/SSL sites can be risky. DNS Protection for Guest WiFi provides coverage for all connections, even encrypted ones.

Improve user experience

With virtually no latency, you can create appropriate access policies and DNS bypasses for approved domains to ensure a smooth user experience.

Boost WiFi performance

Global hosting and automatic traffic redirection mean WiFi protection is always available. Each nodes handles up to 35 billion requests per second.

Next steps

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