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Can I Use Online Auction Sites Safely?

Online auction sites like eBay, webstore, OnlineAuction, OZtion, WeBidz, uBid, and others offer great options for buying items from local and international sources whether they are used items or brand new items and you get all this access when you want it and where you want it. These same auction sites also allow you to sell your new or used items in the same way.

Most people have rewarding experiences with online auction sites, and with just a few safety tips you too can experience positive and rewarding shopping and selling while avoiding the tactics criminals use to exploit consumers through these sites.

Start by understanding the common risks on auction sites. These include:

Once you have a good sense of the potential pitfalls, you’re ready to select a site, or sites that you want to use. To find the site or sites that will work best for you, spend a little time and understand how each auction site works:

Do your research: Now it’s time to hone in on the specifics of any item you want to purchase or sell.

Let the bidding begin!

Provided by Linda Criddle, Founder of