Webroot BrightCloud®
Mobile security SDK

Extend your security solutions to mobile device protection.

Mobile Threat Protection Options

The Webroot BrightCloud® Mobile Security SDK addresses mobile device vulnerabilities by enabling mobile management partners to offer enhanced security options to their customers. The Mobile Security SDK:

  • Blocks malicious URLs and phishing attacks via secure web browsing
  • Stops malicious and potentially unwanted apps
  • Provides a device risk score to prevent compromised devices from accessing networks
  • Does not slow devices or hinder productivity
  • Has a modular format that enables it to be tailored to partners’ specific needs

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Why Webroot

The Webroot BrightCloud® Mobile Security SDK offers enhanced mobile security, including antivirus, antimalware, device and application interrogation, URL filtering, content classification, and overall device risk score. Simple, flexible, powerful protection for Android™ devices enables mobile management partners to offer enhanced security for their customers.

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Webroot BrightCloud® Mobile Security SDK
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