Webroot Case Studies

Complete cybersecurity must account for networks, users, and endpoints. But as these Webroot MSP partners attest,
layered security not only leads to safer clients, but increases profitability as well. Read on to see what our partners are saying about implementing layered security for their clients.

Augustine Case Study: <8 Hours of Remediation Time per Year

Who is Augustine Consulting?

Augustine Consulting is a Cincinnati, OH-based managed service provider. They have provided cost-effective
IT solutions for small and mid-sized businesses for more than 25 years.

years of endpoint management experience

endpoints under management

Why choose Webroot?

Augustine began shopping for a new cybersecurity provider more than four years ago. They were looking for a replacement for an ineffective endpoint solution, and automating processes and spending less time on remediation were critical. 

“I was looking for someone to replace AVG because it was an absolute nightmare. I had it down between Webroot and Trend Micro. What led me to go with Webroot was the light footprint, but also just the technology, how it works. You don't have to worry about downloading definitions to stay secure, which is more or less just another way of doing patch management. So, because of the way it worked, I was sold.”

-Bill Augustine, President, Augustine Consulting

Let Webroot Help

What happened after Augustine switched to Webroot?

200 suspicious or dangerous sites were blocked in 30 days

<8 hours were logged for total endpoint cleanup in 1 year

full-time employee was reassigned from infection clean up

How did Webroot help get results?

Layered security solutions from Webroot provide:

  • Proven protection against ransomware and other threats
  • DNS-level protection capable of stopping 88% of malware at the domain layer
  • Security awareness training capable of turning your security stack's weakest link into its first line of defense

When they began shopping for endpoint solutions, Augustine had one full-time worker dedicated solely to virus cleanups. "It was insanity so I decided to start doing some research," said president and founder Bill Augustine. His research led him to adopt a layered security strategy from Webroot. “Webroot is great because it pretty much manages itself."


Let Webroot Help

Before Webroot

Augustine Consulting was spending an inordinate amount of time remediating infections. On top of shrinking margins, the company was worried about hits to its reputation. Endpoint incidents didn't resonate with their focus on customer satisfaction. 

After Webroot

Augustine now spends fewer than 8 hours per year on remediation. By offering layered security solutions, Augustine can rest assured its providing comprehensive protection for its clients, increasing its margins and safeguarding its reputation.

Webroot Virus Protection Software


“I was onboarding a client and I actually sent a phishing simulation to about 100 of their managers. Eleven percent of them clicked on it. It got the point across in terms of the need for some sort of security training.”

-Bill Augustine, President, Augustine Consulting


Which Webroot products does Augustine use?

Webroot® Business Endpoint Protection
Multi-vector protection from Webroot is the only way to secure endpoints and users across all stages of a cyberattack.

Webroot® DNS Protection
Stop malware with secure DNS protection before it enters your network with this essential web security tool.

Webroot® Security Awareness Training
Create a more secure workforce and educate your end users on preventing online security breaches.

“It comes down to customer satisfaction. But it also reduces my cost. I have one client that used DNS Protection to prevent more than 200 suspicious or dangerous sites from entering its network over the course of 30 days. If any of those would have caused an infection it would have been up to me to fix the problem. If I can prevent that from happening at a low cost, it’s cheaper than my labor on the tail-end after cleaning up a big mess. On top of that, I lose credibility with the customer."

-Bill Augustine, President, Augustine Consulting