Webroot Case Studies

Complete cybersecurity must account for networks, users, and endpoints. But as these Webroot MSP partners attest,
layered security not only leads to safer clients, but increases profitability as well. Read on to see what our partners are saying about implementing layered security for their clients.

Who is Mytech Partners?

Mytech Partners operates with "laser focus" when it comes to delivering essential IT services to small and medium-sized businesses. They're committed to protecting clients with layered cybersecurity solutions through the use of MSP-ready products.

Endpoints supported

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What were their cybersecurity challenges?

Before Mytech Partners switched their endpoint protection, they were spending "orders of magnitude" more time managing their antivirus solution than with Webroot® Business Endpoint Protection. Later, they felt something big was missing from their layered security offerings: end-user training to counter the growing threat of corporate email threat.


“Before we went to Webroot, we had a whole process, team, and products focused only on doing AV rebuilds. We had actually gotten pretty good at doing complete rebuilds of machines for AV purposes. We’re kind of bad at it now. We haven’t really done them in a long time."

– James Motz, NOC Manager, Mytech Partners


Let Webroot Help

How much time does Mytech spend managing AV for Webroot endpoints?

11 milliseconds per agent per day

  3 seconds per agent per month

50 minutes per day for nearly 8,000 endpoints

How did Webroot help Mytech reach these results?

Layered security solutions from Webroot provide:

  • Proven protection against ransomware and other threats
  • DNS-level protection capable of stopping 88% of malware at the domain layer
  • Security awareness training capable of turning your security stack's weakest link into its first line of defense


"By utilizing a layered security approach, you’re protecting yourself in multiple directions. If this tool doesn’t detect anything because it doesn’t see anything malicious, this other tool does. It’s really no different than sifting soil. When you’re sifting soil, you’re using multiple screens to sift for what you want. That’s really what layered security does.”

– Jerel Howland, Director of Technical Solutions, Mytech Partners 


Discover how Mytech closed critical security gaps for their customers with Webroot® Security Awareness Training.

Let Webroot Help


Mytech Partners were experts in antivirus rebuilds before switching to Webroot® Business Endpoint Protection, because they were requiring huge amounts of their time and attention. Before adding Webroot Security Awareness Training, Mytech was also concerned about their clients’ resilience against user-enabled threats. 


After Webroot

Webroot is proud to help the Mytech team grow rusty at antivirus rebuilds, since they now rarely perform them. They’ve also witnessed how a single phishing simulation, when failed by a client user, can help to spread awareness and organizational response to the growing threat of corporate email theft.

“We’ve noticed a direct corollary between people who’ve fallen for a phishing campaign and who could pinpoint the exact moment they fell for it. And the impact of that happening reaches deep within the company. It changes the whole attitude.”

– James Motz, NOC Manager, Mytech Partners

Webroot Virus Protection Software

"Unlike a lot of companies that try to support multiple technologies or multiple setups, we strive to follow best practices and choose the most well-designed, MSP-ready solutions that are going to protect our customers. And, in this scenario, we have identified Webroot as a great product that meets the needs of all of our customers, so we employ it across the board.”

– Jerel Howland, Director of Technical Solutions, Mytech Partners

Which Webroot products did Mytech use?

Webroot® Business Endpoint Protection
Multi-vector protection from Webroot is the only way to secure endpoints and users across all stages of a cyberattack.

Webroot® DNS Protection
Stop malware with secure DNS protection before it enters your network with this essential web security tool.

Webroot® Security Awareness Training
Create a more secure workforce and educate your end users on preventing online security breaches.


"Our operations are all about minimizing complexity. MSP-ready products that can be billed the same way, where features tie into our existing toolset, where we have API access and reporting capabilities, those products help us do that. And Webroot has been delivering all of that on an MSP platform"

– Jerel Howland, Director of Technical Solutions, Mytech Partners