Although "next-gen" is kind of a buzzword these days, it has a lot of meaning and value in the cybersecurity space. Check out our technology timeline to see how long we’ve been in the next-gen game.

Webroot is the #1 provider of threat intelligence and Smarter Cybersecurity® solutions for technology vendors, MSPs, small to medium-sized businesses, and home users.

Webroot Virus Protection Software

Launched Webroot® DNS Protection to protect businesses, their employees, their customers, and guest WiFi users against DNS-based attacks, enforce acceptable use policies, and manage bandwidth.

Acquired Securecast to bring a holistic approach to security and educate end users about online risks; launched Webroot® Security Awareness Training to help businesses empower their end users to become a stronger first line of defense.

Acquired CyberFlow Analytics to enhance our ability to address the proliferation of IoT devices, smart cities, and other increasingly complex network systems.

Launched our tailor-made online management console for MSPs, the Webroot® Global Site Manager, which allows admins to manage all Webroot protection from one convenient location, even across numerous clients and locations.

Released award-winning, next-generation Webroot® Business Endpoint Protection and is named a bronze winner for Innovative Services at the Edison Awards; ours was the first computer security software ever to be recognized for the Personal Safety category.

Webroot Virus Protection Software

Launched the first fully cloud-based cybersecurity solution on the market: Webroot SecureAnywhere® protection for home users. This fast, lightweight protection has continued to beat competitive products in PassMark performance benchmarking ever since, and has won the PCMag Editor’s Choice award every year.

Acquired BrightCloud and PrevX; BrightCloud founder and rocket scientist Hal Lonas joined Webroot as CTO.



The Dawn of Next-Gen
Began building out the new, fully cloud-based Webroot® Platform to support all of our protection technology with machine learning and real-time threat detection.

Hit the 10-million mark on protected home user endpoints.

Webroot Virus Protection Software

Launched its first consumer security suite, Webroot Internet Security Essentials, in the US, with an international release the following year.

Introduced a new firewall protection feature with Webroot AntiVirus with AntiSpyware and Desktop Firewall.

Added an antivirus component to our Spy Sweeper product for home users.

Entered the enterprise market in 2004 with the launch of Webroot® Spy Sweeper Enterprise, which enhanced Spy Sweeper to allow admins to deploy antispyware protection across an entire corporate network.

Introduced our first spyware blocking and removal tool, Spy Sweeper.

Founded by Steven Thomas and Kristen Talley; flagship product was a trace removal agent called Webroot Window Washer, which removed traces of online activity and enabled customers to securely delete files or wipe systems as desired.

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