Accelerated Network Threat Detection

Uncover threats before they cause damage. Identify malicious network anomalies with advanced machine learning to stop advanced persistent threats and other attacks.

Today, one of the only things attackers can’t find out about your network is what’s normal. This solution can identify and alert on potentially malicious activity that deviates from normal traffic in milliseconds.
Dick Williams
Webroot CEO


Threats hide in everyday traffic.

Analysts don’t have the time or resources to deal with near constant and often insignificant alerts. Normal network noise easily creates security blind spots, obscuring advanced persistent threats and other malicious activity.


Automated FlowScape® Analytics

To stop attacks inside the network, organizations need security that uses advanced inspection and modeling, and is cost effective and easy to deploy. FlowScape Analytics uses machine learning to detect anomalies in endpoint-to-endpoint (east/west) network traffic and alert analysts in real time, without creating unnecessary alarms.

FlowScape benefits

Increased visibility

Early visibility into adversarial anomalies within your network uncovers threats before they cause damage.

Machine learning with context

Unsupervised machine learning scales to work for all sizes of deployments, while Webroot BrightCloud® Threat Intelligence adds context.

Easy integration and use

Installs in an hour and identifies high risk behaviors on day one, and integrates with SIEM without added rule writing or staffing.

No network impact

By not using deep packet inspection (DPI), there is no impact on network speed, making the solution scalable and secure.

Next Steps

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