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When endpoint, network, and user-level protection is designed with their needs in mind, MSPs not only keep their clients safe, but also grow revenue while doing it. Start with our award-winning endpoint security solution.

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Purpose-Built to Save MSPs Time and Money

Expert Insights Perfect Fit for MSPs

Expert Insights: Webroot is a Perfect Fit for MSPs

Expert Insights has given Webroot's layered security solutions it's "MSP-ready" stamp of approval. Our Business Endpoint Protection, DNS Protection, and Security Awareness Training products all received the designation, making them a powerful lineup for MSPs looking to protect endpoints, networks, and users.

MSP Success Story:
Sedona Technologies

"Layered security is very much an upsell for us. We’re trying to move our customers to this type of layered model, where they’re more protected. When we add the right services with partners like Webroot, upsells improve our margins and give us more room to maneuver in other aspects of our business."

– Jason Ballard, IT Solutions Manager, Sedona Technologies

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