Webroot Partner Certifications give you the insider expertise you need to successfully sell and support Webroot products. By becoming certified, you can streamline sales, IT, and support processes, and reduce costs with scalable, measurable training.

Webroot Product Certifications

Sign up for product-specific certifications and become a knowledgeable
resource for your clients and partners.

"Take the training course and relax in the knowledge that its simple to understand and also gives you the confidence to sell a really great product"

- G. Keenan, Technical Director, TA Systems

Sales and Technical Training

Sales and technical tracks are available for each of the following Webroot products:

  • Webroot Business Endpoint Protection
  • Webroot DNS Protection
  • Webroot Security Awareness Training

Once certified, you’ll receive an invite to join Webroot Luminaries, an exclusive group of Webroot experts who level-up together. Luminaries are rewarded for their involvement in the program, gain exclusive early access and beta opportunities, and share feedback with Webroot staff.

Note: To become fully Webroot certified for a given product, at least one person in your organization needs to complete both the sales and technical certifications for that product.

Help your company become Webroot Platform Certified

Level up! Complete both the sales and technical tracks for ALL Webroot products and become a Webroot Master Certified Partner, and your company will become Webroot Platform Certified with a full Platform Certification.


- R. Cooke, Head of Service Operations, MirusIT