What To Do Before You Lose Your Smartphone or Tablet

A step-by-step search and rescue for your missing mobile

It’s been a wonderful ride. You and your mobile device are like two perfectly synchronized swimmers navigating the sea of life. It was a dynamic, fulfilling partnership – and it was beautiful.

Right up until said smartphone or tablet was left behind in that last taxi, train, coffee shop or hotel bar. Now you’ve got maybe an hour if you’re lucky – a few minutes if not – before the whole world comes crashing in.

These days when you lose your smartphone or tablet, you really do lose a piece of yourself. And if that piece falls into the wrong hands, your identity, finances, family and career could be devastated.

The good news: There’s plenty that can be done to protect your mobile devices both before and during such a nightmarish event.

Keep your love locked down

Let’s assume you’re not reading this in a fit of sheer panic after just losing your device (if that is the case, take a deep breath and keep reading). Here are the security measures you should take before inevitably winding up in the worst-case scenario:

For Android users:

Apps like Seekdroid ($2.99), Lookout (free), and Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile (free; premium service also available) will allow you to track your device’s location, lock its functions and remotely wipe all data to protect your sensitive personal information.

For iOS users:

Find My iPhone (free) will give you the same ability to remotely track, lock and wipe your iPhone or iPad. All you need is another iOS device to access the app’s features and find your device.

Currently, only Android users have one last chance to recoup their phones if they lose them before downloading anti-theft apps: Plan B. This app uses cell towers and GPS technology in an attempt to track down mobile devices that’s MIA. Plan B will send an email every 10 minutes while the device can be located.  

Let’s stay together

Now that you know what to do if you lose your smartphone or tablet, it would be a good idea to go that extra mile and make sure your digital life-partner has the best mobile security protection at all times, not just when it’s out of your hands. Malware and hackers can be a mobile security threat even when your device is tucked away safely in your pocket or lounging next to you in bed, but if you take good care of your partner, it will do the same for you.

By Jamey Bainer