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News about threats can't wait. In our quarterly threat trends updates, we give a by-the-numbers account of Webroot's insights into the latest threat issues. Additionally, look for relevant news, industry reports, and information to help you stay ahead of modern malware.

June 2017

In This Issue: Streaming Malware Detection and Trends

Although malware and potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) such as spyware and adware have been a top concern for years, many organizations still find themselves overwhelmed by the abundance of modern threats. This quarter, we examine malware trends, get insight from Webroot CTO Hal Lonas on dissolving security perimeters, and present findings from two recent surveys on how security professionals will focus their security efforts over the next year.

The state of malware monopolizing the cyber threat environment

More organizations’ networks are breached every year, motivating them to invest more in IT security than ever before. Unfortunately, the breach numbers continue to rise. Learn about the issues and statistics around this epidemic and what you can do to stop malicious files before they pass the perimeter.

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How your customers are keeping up with today’s threats

The Enterprise Security Group conducted a survey of 200 organizations to determine how they are faring in today’s threat environment with regard to malicious files and security in the network perimeter. This infographic reveals their findings.

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Rethinking the network perimeter with Hal Lonas, Webroot CTO

Hal Lonas, chief technology officer at Webroot, takes us beyond the sobering wake-up call that attacks like WannaCry bring, and discusses actionable measures companies should consider when fortifying systems against cybercriminals.

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Streaming Malware Detection

Designed to combat polymorphic malware, Webroot BrightCloud® Streaming Malware Protection provides a risk score for files as they traverse the network perimeter to enable users to quickly allow, block, or flag files for investigation.

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