Internet security services

Embed threat intelligence to keep your customers safe from fraudulent sites, help them stop malicious network traffic, and enforce policy compliance by blocking unapproved content.

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BrightCloud® IP Reputation Service

Integrate an accurate, constantly updated list of malicious IPs to block unwanted traffic for effective defense against incoming threats. This service continuously monitors all IPv4 and in-use IPv6 to provide a dynamic list of 8-12 million malicious IPs at a given time, offering security administrators the context they need to make better informed threat decisions.


Web Classification

BrightCloud Web Classification & Reputation Services

Offer customers the most effective way to block access to unwanted content and protect users against web-based threats. The BrightCloud® Web Classification service has categorized over 600 million domains, over 27 billion URLs, and continuously classifies URLs at a rate of 5,000/second.

Security vendors can also embed an additional protection layer with BrightCloud® Web Reputation. Even legitimate sites can be compromised by hackers using 3rd party malvertising and more. This add-on secures users against URL risks, regardless of category.


BrightCloud Real-Time
Anti-Phishing Service

Effectively protect customers from compromising their online accounts, such as banking credentials, or picking up malware from fraudulent sites. The BrightCloud® Real-Time Anti-Phishing Service detects phishing sites by automatically scanning and verifying sites in milliseconds to ensure they are genuine and safe at the moment of the request.

BrightCloud URL/IP lookup

Get a complete threat, content, and reputation analysis for a URL or IP address.

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