BrightCloud® Web Classification & Web Reputation Services

Protect customers from web threats using real-time, machine learning-based intelligence.

Empower Customers with
Better Data

The Webroot BrightCloud® Web Classification and Web Reputation Services provide the most effective way to block access to unwanted content and protect users against web-based threats.

  • Analyze uncategorized sites using advanced machine learning at a rate of
    5,000 URLs per second
  • Categorize the largest URL database of its kind across 82 categories
  • Observe and protect users in real time from the risks of connecting to any URL, regardless of reputation.
  • Provide details as to why a site classification was made, empowering admins to make better informed security decisions

Why Webroot?

Network and security vendors need an effective way to help their enterprise customers enforce web policies and secure their users against web threats. They need timely, accurate, predictive threat intelligence. That’s Webroot’s stock in trade.

The BrightCloud Web Classification Service provides the broadest, most up-to-date and accurate website intelligence across 82 site categories and significantly improves visibility into all internet usage, while the BrightCloud Web Reputation Service enables an added layer of real-time security by accurately assessing the risk posed when opening a URL.

By integrating these services, you can protect your customers against malicious web content, help them enforce acceptable web usage policies, and improve employee productivity and bandwidth.

Machine Learning

Our threat intelligence. Their words.
See what our next-gen firewall partners have to say.

“Provides greater insight into URL categories with fewer false positives. Our customers can reduce the risk of client-side attacks and improve employee productivity.”

“We cannot be more pleased with Webroot who provided greater insights into URL categories with few false positives. Our customers can now reduce their risk of client-side attacks and improve employee productivity.”

“Policies can be created around content type and reputation to block access to malicious and unwanted websites. BrightCloud adds a layer of protection by guarding against categories that often host malicious content, including known spam URLs, malware sites, phishing, proxy avoidance and anonymizers, spyware/adware, and botnets.”

“Webroot delivers value for our clients that require global language support, and also for clients that cannot permit cloud lookups, such as government entities. BrightCloud Threat Intelligence supports a local-only mode that does not require cloud lookups, and offers policy enforcement apart from security via their Web Classification service.”


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