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December 2007

12.13.2007 Internet Retailer | Survey shows French and Germans are least concerned about online security
The October 2007 survey of 3,626 online shoppers by security software firm Webroot Software Inc. found 80% of respondents plan to shop online this holiday season, up from 75% in last year’s survey.

12.10.2007 Government Computer News | Malware outmaneuvers security
"The browser today is the main gateway for malware," said Gerhard Eschelbeck, chief technology officer at Webroot Software.

12.04.2007 | One in three websites are infected, Sans Institute reveals
Since January 2007, Webroot has seen a 183% increase in websites that harbour spyware. Infection rates for spyware and Trojans that steal keystrokes are currently at 31% and growing rapidly.

12.04.2007 | Protecting your child online
Checking up on what sites your kids are going to is exactly what law enforcement officers say parents like Blocker should be doing.

12.03.2007 eChannelLine | Webroot gets SaaS-y with Email Systems
This strategic combination will leverage the technology expertise, management and client bases of both organizations on a global scale.

November 2007

11.30.2007 | Webroot Leverages SaaS to Expand Security Portfolio
The Software as a Service (SaaS) concept is rapidly spreading to touch almost every functional area in the IT stack. The latest example is security vendor Webroot's acquisition of Email Systems, a SaaS security provider.

11.30.2007 onestopclick | SaaS added to Webroot
The merger will allow Webroot to provide email security services to small and medium businesses such as anti-phishing and anti-spam, as well as email archiving and image scanning.

11.27.2007 eWeek | Webroot Makes Smart Move into SAAS, Analysts Say
Webroot Software's merger with Email Systems is a smart play for Webroot ...

11.16.2007 | So I Married a Spyware Installer
When Shawn Macleod of Austin, Texas, suspected his estranged wife was engaging in some kind of suspicious behavior, he installed a spyware program on her computer to monitor her emails and Web behavior.

11.16.2007 | Security firm urges caution when donating online
"We are seeing increases in spoofing and typo-squatting around events driving traffic on the web," said Nick Banks, managing director in EMEA for Webroot.

11.09.2007 | Spyware alert or scam?
You’re wise to question those types of message alerts that appear out of nowhere. In most instances, they are nothing more than advertisements designed to frighten you into buying a given product.

11.01.2007 ComputerWorld | Webroot warns of spoofed presidential campaign sites
The growing use of the Internet as a communication and fundraising medium by presidential candidates has a nasty new doppelganger -- an elaborate, if short-term, revenue stream flowing to online crooks.

October 2007

10.24.2007 | Webroot report says perfect storm brewing in IT security
With companies growing and adding more remote and mobile workers, IT departments are finding it difficult to keep pace in staffing while at the same time struggling with the maintaining of security for the mobile work force…

10.23.2007 eWeek | SMBs Are Sitting Ducks for Cyber-Crime
"SMB" is a fuzzy term. Each country has a slightly different definition of what constitutes a small or medium-size business.

10.17.2007 Redmond Magazine | SMBs Downplay Web Threats
This disturbing conclusion comes from a recently released report entitled "State of Internet Security: Protecting Small and Medium Businesses" conducted by anti-virus vendor Webroot.

10.04.2007 The Article Zone | Top Ten Facts About Spyware
Unless you've been on another planet for the last five or six years you have surely heard of Spyware and I would hope you are taking precautions against your PC being infected. But do you know that the precautions you take may be ineffective in protecting your PC?

September 2007

09.28.2007 | Speed up your computer
“Spyware programs run in the background of your computer, consuming the memory and eating up the speed of your Internet connection,” says Steven Gribble, a spyware expert and associate professor of computer science at Washington University.

09.16.2007 Daily Record | Deleted files not gone
"I think the average user has very little knowledge that lots of information on their systems is even stored there, let alone how to delete it," said Peter Watkins, chief executive of Webroot Software in Boulder, CO.

09.10.2007 Rocky Mountain News | Diagnosing the bug
Nearly nine out of 10 of all consumer PCs are infected with an average of 30 pieces of spyware, according to a report released last year by Boulder-based Webroot Software.

09.04.2007 The Age | PRW!! CUL8R
"Few parents would consider handing their child the car keys without having having spent time with them behind the wheel," says Webroot CEO Peter Watkins.

August 2007

08.27.2007 Denver Post | Webroot's "scrubber" protects online privacy
In addition to developing several anti-spyware programs for general consumers, Webroot also has produced "Window Washer" a software tool that cleans up, or "scrubs" away, fragments of files left behind on hard drives, aiming to protect a user's online privacy.

08.17.2007 Hanford Sentinel | Online threats a costly nuisance
Virtualization rootkits, Web application security and Voice over IP (VoIP) attack vectors topped Gerhard Eschelbeck's list of the top three biggest issues at this month's Black Hat USA conference, held Aug. 1 and 2 in Las Vegas.

08.14.2007 eCommerce Times | Webroot CTO Gerhard Eschelbeck: The New Malware Generation
Virtualization rootkits, Web application security and Voice over IP (VoIP) attack vectors topped Gerhard Eschelbeck's list of the top three biggest issues at this month's Black Hat USA conference, held Aug. 1 and 2 in Las Vegas.

08.10.2007 Scripps Howard News Service | Your computer keeps stuff you delete, for a long time
"I think the average user has very little knowledge that lots of information on their systems is even stored there, let alone how to delete it," said Peter Watkins, chief executive officer of Webroot Software in Boulder,CO.

08.08.2007 E Security Planet | Webroot Updates, Renames Antispyware for Business
Webroot Software is stepping up its corporate play with a revised and rebranded version of its anti-spyware software.

08.02.2007 Fox 11 Arizona | How do I Know If I Have a Virus? sure to use anti-spyware protection, as well. My personal favorite is SpySweeper...

July 2007

07.19.2007 Channel 7 News Denver | Many Parents Fail to Crack Online Code
"With the advent of social networking, what you've seen is the challenge of moving from protecting kids from inappropriate content to inappropriate contact." Mike Irwin, COO Webroot Software

07.16.2007 BCS | Webroot: Spyware more complex
The security threat is becoming ever more prevalent and traditional detectors are failing to keep up with it.

07.10.2007 | FTC Cracks Down on Alleged Spyware Site
...Microsoft Corp., Webroot Software Inc., and Google Inc. assisted the FTC in its investigation, the agency said.

June 2007

06.28.2007 InformationWeek | Webroot Offers Tips For Keeping Kids Safe Online
Forty percent of the kids said they use instant messaging and social networking Web sites, like MySpace and Facebook every day, while only 30% of the parents said their children participate in these sites.

06.13.2007 IT News Online | Webroot's SME Security Certified by ICSA Labs
"...The ICSA Labs certification serves as assurance that Webroot SME Security effectively protects users as it satisfies each of these requirements."

May 2007

05.30.2007 Computing News | Webroot Urges Internet Users to Practice Safe Online Habits
As Internet usage increases, Webroot cautions users about a potential spike in the instances of system monitors and keyloggers.

05.23.2007 InformationWeek | Kids Don't Tell Parents The Truth About Online Activities
Do you know what your kids are doing online? A new study shows you probably don't.

05.16.2007 TechRockies | Webroot Trumpets Growth
Boulder, Colorado-based Webroot said Tuesday that it has posted a record quarter, with double digit growth in the firm's enterprise business.

April 2007

04.19.2007 Guardian Unlimited | Net firms 'could do more' to fight viruses
According to a recent report by online security firm Webroot, 4m websites are currently infected with malware, up 33% since 2006.

04.17.2007 Eweek Channel Insider | Webroot Offers Bulk Licenses to System Builders
Webroot understands the challenges system builders face and has designed a way to deliver complete Internet security solutions in a more efficient manner rather than requiring us to buy products one at a time.

04.16.2007 Just for Business | 4.2 million websites contaminated with malware
Tests by Webroot carried out with their own Phileas spyware detection system revealed that 1.7% (4.2 million) of the 250 million websites worldwide are contaminated with malware which could also infect other websites.

04.07.2007 Information Week | 10 Tips To Survive Online Tax Hacker And Phishing Attacks
...add to that the fact that security company Webroot Software Inc. reported that last year there was a 260% increase in system monitoring, largely via keystroke loggers and spyware.

March 2007

03.31.2007 SC Magazine | Webroot: 40 percent of companies report disruptions due to malware
In one case study laid out in the report, Webroot found that a company with 14,000 workstations lost $108,000 due to malware infections.

03.13.2007 BCS | Parents warned over ID theft from social networking
Parents are being urged to monitor their teenage children while using social networking sites in order to make sure they do not become victims of ID theft.

03.08.2007 Computer Active | Webroot Spy Sweeper 5.3 Spyware & AntiVirus protection
Spy Sweeper protects you from intrusive software known as spyware, which collects information about your internet habits and sends it to software writers or marketing companies for analysis.

February 2007

02.08.2007 dBusinessNews | Webroot's Spy Sweeper® Enterprise 3.0 Named "Best Anti-Malware" by SC Magazine
Spy Sweeper® Enterprise 3.0 was named "Best Anti-Malware Solution" in the Reader's Trust category which follows winning the "Best Anti-Spyware of 2006" awarded in December by the editors of SC Magazine.

January 2007

01.25.2007 InfoWorld | Webroot: Vista’s Defender stops only 16% of spyware
Users who put their faith in Vista's new security features and Microsoft's Windows Defender antispyware product may find themselves under attack from spyware all the same.

01.15.2007 | Spy Sweeper® Enterprise Wins Gold
Spy Sweeper Enterprise 3.0 from Webroot Software Inc. made the leap from second place to this year's Gold Award winner in's Anti−x Product of the Year 2006 contest.

01.10.2007 ZDNet | Webroot Shuffles Execs
Webroot Software, the Boulder, CO. based company that is transforming itself from antispyware specialist to all−round security provider, has made several executive changes.

01.10.2007 IT Business Net | Webroot Spy Sweeper® Enterprise 3.0 Named Best Anti−Spyware of 2006 by SC Magazine
"Spy Sweeper Enterprise 3.0 represents an innovative product from Webroot software and it demonstrates the vibrancy and vitality of the IT security industry," said Illena Armstrong, editor−in−chief, SC Magazine. "This product represents breakthroughs that will benefit our readers and, in turn, corporate users of technology."

01.04.2007 ITP | Webroot Signs up with Fusion
Security vendor Webroot Software has inked a deal with Fusion to provide its solutions to the Middle East.

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