DNS Protection for
Off-network, Roaming,
and VPN Users

Most DNS security services won’t work with the VPNs or firewalls MSPs and businesses already use. Webroot is different.

What makes Webroot® DNS Protection different?

If you’re an established business or MSP, you probably already have tools you use each day to protect your networks and roaming users, like:

  • Firewalls

  • VPNs

  • Other network security tools

You shouldn’t have to give up what already works for your business. With Webroot DNS Protection, you don’t have to.

How does our DNS Protection work?

Whether your end users are working in coffee shops, airports, or other locations on-the-go, you can still keep them safe.

Together, DNS Protection and your VPN work together to:

  • Protect end users on any network, anywhere

  • Provide a secure encrypted connection

  • Never slow down DNS requests

  • Stop malicious inbound web traffic and threats

  • Provide full visibility into users’ internet activity

Which products does Webroot DNS Protection support?

Webroot supports a number of popular VPNs to help keep your mobile and remote workforce safe, including:

SonicWall® Mobile Connect

SonicWall® Net Extender

Cisco® Meraki VPN

WatchGuard® VPN



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