Threat Intelligence for cybersecurity

Integrated by leading security vendors worldwide, Webroot BrightCloud® Threat Intelligence Services help you give customers proactive protection against modern threats.

Webroot is the trusted threat intelligence provider for these leading technology companies


Overcome the pace of modern cybercrime.

Protect your customers from malicious URLs, IPs, files, and mobile apps by integrating accurate and timely threat intelligence into your network perimeter and services.


Block malicious inbound traffic

Identify and terminate attacks at the network edge

Enforce user compliance

Prevent access to unwanted and untrustworthy web sites

Stay ahead of the latest malware

Stop infections before they spread or cause damage

Prevent fraud

Protect users from phishing attacks in real time

BrightCloud threat intelligence services

Webroot offers a diverse set of threat intelligence services that span URL, IP, file, and mobile threat vectors. Learn more about each of the services below.


BrightCloud Streaming Malware Detection

Embed BrightCloud® Streaming Malware Detection to identify and stop malicious files through byte-by-byte analysis over 500x faster than traditional sandboxes. This service integrates with network appliances to detect polymorphic malware in transit, in real time, without impacting throughput or needing to download the entire file.

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The most dangerous threats span multiple threat vectors. That’s why Webroot continually maps connections between URLs, IPs, files, and apps to provide greater accuracy and predictive risk scores.


BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Services are powered by the most advanced machine learning in the industry. Discover Webroot machine learning, and research and analysis in intelligence-driven security.


The BrightCloud Threat Investigator visually showcases the contextual relationships between URLs, IPs, files, and apps, as well as object information, including threat status, history, geolocation, and more.

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Together with our partners, we’ve built the market’s most proven security platform. With a closed loop process, our partner deployments enhance our threat visibility and help us deliver rapid, accurate threat intelligence where it matters most: to your customers. Webroot offers flexible commercial and deployment models, in addition to world-class support, to ensure our partners’ success. Learn more. 


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