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December 2005

12.28.2005 IT Week Magazine | The IT Week Labs Excellence Awards
We award Spy Sweeper Enterprise our Editor’s Choice Award for functionality and effectiveness.

12.22.2005 Free (or cheap) software runneth over
"Spy Sweeper is one of the best spyware cleaners I’ve come across - it catches the nasty stuff the others miss."

12.16.2005 Webroot’s Spyware Challenge
Spy Sweeper has helped the company accomplish two feats that are rare in today’s software world.

12.01.2005 Business Computing Magazine | Best 50 Business Products of 2005
Protect yourself from spyware with Spy Sweeper, one of the most powerful and trusted names in spyware removal.

November 2005

11.17.2005 PC Magazine | REVIEW: Spy Sweeper 4.5
"Webroot’s Spy Sweeper 4.5 is the most powerful anti-spyware tool we’ve seen yet."

11.09.2005 Spyware Has Become A "Global Pandemic" for Enterprises
The new State of Spyware report from Webroot Software reveals the full magnitude of the problem affecting enterprise PCs.

11.09.2005 Court puts clamp on alleged spyware ring
Webroot aided the Federal Trade Commission in an investigation of three alleged spyware purveyors.

11.08.2005 Sci Tech Today | Review: Webroot Spy Sweeper 4.5
Over the years, we have been impressed with Webroot’s many updates to meet ever–changing threats.

October 2005

10.26.2005 Best Defenders
Spy Sweeper did the best job of detection and cleanup, removing 100 percent of the browser help objects (BHOs) and toolbars embedded on our test PC.

10.21.2005 Security by the Numbers
13 percent of Internet users say there is at least one identity theft victim in their household.

10.11.2005 PC World blog | Spyware Gets More Dangerous as Distribution Sites Proliferate
The state of spyware, according to security firm Webroot, is not good.

10.07.2005 UK has third spyware levels
The UK has the third highest rate of spyware infection in the world which costs British businesses—445m in lost time and productivity.

September 2005

09.30.2005 FEMA Forces Explorer Use for Online Claims
Hurricane Katrina victims seeking to file claims with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) may only do so with Internet Explorer 6.0 or above. Richard Stiennon, vice president of threat research at Webroot, said the FEMA browser exclusion could severely impact victims of the disaster.

09.30.2005 CIO | Information Security: The Next Frontier
Anti-spyware from Webroot remediates and protects against the growing threat of malware.

09.14.2005 Defragmenting to the Finish
Beware of the free spyware scans that some Web sites offer. Despite looking legitimate they could load your PC with false positives to get you to purchase the product or plant spyware. Stick with anti-spyware services from established security software companies, like the free Spy Audit from Webroot.

August 2005

08.31.2005 PC PRO | Webroot Saves the Day
“The level and quality of support was the best I’ve come across and, as this is something you can’t really test for in the magazine, I think Webroot deserves a special mention.”

08.31.2005 The Web’s a Dangerous Place
Home Internet users have a one in three chance of suffering computer damage, financial loss, or both because of a computer virus or spyware.

08.26.2005 Star Wars and spyware mixed up in users’ minds
Some 11 percent of the British population are convinced that spyware is "a gadget from Star Wars," according to research published in August.

08.24.2005 The spying game
While most businesses know spyware is a problem, far fewer have the right systems in place to protect themselves. Relying on free detection software designed for home use isn’t the best way to protect hundreds of desktop PCs.

08.23.2005 MSNBC | Spyware Hits Businesses
The surreptitious nature of the industry [spyware] makes hard information scarce, but Webroot, a Colorado-based security company, estimates that spyware is a $2 billion-a-year business.

08.16.2005 Washington Technology | Who can solve the CYBERPUZZLE?
Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff’s announced last month that he would create a new assistant secretary post for cybersecurity and telecommunications. But amidst the applause, questions arise. "Will it have any teeth? If it has no teeth, it will have no power, just like its predecessors," said Richard Steinnon, vice president of anti-spyware developer Webroot Software, Inc. of Boulder, CO.

08.12.2005 Business Computing Magazine | Review: Webroot Spy Sweeper Enterprise
Review: Webroot Spy Sweeper Enterprise

08.05.2005 Information Week | 8 out of 10 Enterprise PCs Spyware Infected
On average, enterprise PCs have 27 pieces of spyware on their hard drives, a 19 percent increase in the last quarter alone, while a whopping 80 percent of corporate computers host at least one instance of unwanted software, whether that’s adware, spyware, or a Trojan horse.

08.04.2005 US tops poll of spyware purveyors
The majority of spyware is coming from the U.S., with Poland coming in second and the Netherlands third.

July 2005

07.29.2005 Spyware May Be Slowing Your Computer Down Or More
Most computer users run a virus protection program, but it won’t guard against spyware.

07.05.2005 Spy Sweeper Review
There are some free tools to remove malware&although they are reasonably effective in removing malware they have a big flaw. Rather than guard your system actively, they are passive scanners that clean on request. It’s a bit like locking the stable door after the horse has bolted.

June 2005

06.23.2005 IT Week Magazine | Spy Sweeper Enterprise Wins Award
“The set up was quite easy and caught every instance of spyware on one our test systems we intentionally infected!”

May 2005

05.20.2005 Research: Spyware Industry Worth Billions
In addition to remaining a major threat to personal and business security, Webroot said, spyware applications generate an estimated US $2 billion in revenue annually.

05.10.2005 Information Week | Russians Use Affiliate Model to Spread Spyware, Adware
Richard Stiennon, vice president of threat research at Webroot, estimated that iframeDOLLARS could collect as much as $75,000 annually.

05.10.2005 SC Magazine | Spyware - A Billion Dollar Industry
According to Webroot, businesses are particularly at risk.

05.04.2005 CSIA Names Webroot Top Company
Webroot Software, Inc. was named the state’s top technology company of the year by the Colorado Software&Internet Association during the organization’s fifth annual Apex Awards.

April 2005

04.20.2005 Must Have Software | Must Have Software: Window Washer
Window Washer 5.5 is impressive software. It is a must software for internet surfers and a wise investment in ensuring computer security and performance.

March 2005

03.15.2005 CNET | These five spyware killers will keep your personal information safe as you surf the Net
Of the spyware utilities we tested, Webroot’s Spy Sweeper 3.5 offers the most polished and best-thought-out interface, backing up those good looks with solid performance.

February 2005

02.10.2005 Red Herring | VC Action: Webroot Gets $108-Million Series A for Anti-Spyware
Capitalizing on escalating privacy and security concerns, a security software startup scores the second-biggest software investment since 2001.

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