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December 2009

12.17.2009 Homeland Security Newswire | Adobe to patch zero-day Reader, Acrobat hole
"Webroot analyzed the payload of the malware and found that it installs three files that look like Windows system files that are digitally signed with a forged Microsoft certificate. Unlike legitimate Microsoft-signed certificates, these lack an e-mail address and a time stamp, the company said in a blog post."

12.14.2009 eMedia World | West Coast Labs Grants Checkmark Platinum Product Award to Four Vendors Completing Real-Time Testing Program
"West Coast Labs, part of the Haymarket Media Group and one of the world's leading independent test facilities for information security products and services, today announced AVG Technologies, CA, Inc., Kaspersky Lab and Webroot received the Checkmark Platinum Product Award for participation in the West Coast Labs Real Time Testing Program."

12.09.2009 Chicago Tribune | This one isn’t verified by Visa
"According to a report by Webroot, a software maker, a fake offer invites consumers to join Verified by Visa. From there, consumers are directed to a site that reportedly looks much like a real Visa site."

12.01.2009 Network World | Cloud security service looks for malware
"Webroot Tuesday announced it has extended its cloud-based Web security service, adding a way to filter outbound as well as inbound Web traffic, monitoring for threats in order to detect and block malware such as botnets that have infected computers."

November 2009

11.27.2009 Magazine UK | Black Friday arrives as online shoppers warned about malicious attacks and data security
"In a survey of consumers, Webroot found that 68 per cent plan to buy at least half of their gifts online this year, presenting cybercriminals with a larger target over the weekend and throughout the holidays."

11.23.2009 eSecurity Planet | 2009's Malware May Reveal 2010's Threats
"During a Black Hat Webcast event late Thursday, Gerhard Eschelbeck, CTO of security vendor Webroot, explained how some new attacks that were seen in 2009 could be indicators for what we can expect to see in the year ahead."

11.13.2009 | Phishing attack targets financial clearing house
"Security firm Webroot is warning of a new phishing attack that is targeting users of Nacha, the not-for-profit organization that runs the Automatic Clearing House network."

11.05.2009 eWeek | Malware SEO: Gaming Google Trends and Big Bird
"'The black hat SEO gangs that have been manipulating Google results for the better part of the year have seized on a new target from which they've launched their current salvo of rogue antivirus guano,' noted Bryant in a blog post."

October 2009

10.22.2009 CNET | Microsoft fixing Bing bug that helped spammers
"Researchers at Webroot Software discovered a spam campaign earlier this week that used the search engine's own redirection mechanism and a link-shrinking technique to send people to spam Web pages, according to a post on the Webroot threat blog"

10.01.2009 Infosecurity Magazine | Rogue anti-virus scamware hitting hard, says Webroot
"Research by Webroot suggests that the rash of anti-virus scamware - which reports that the users' PC is infected, when it is not, and then requests a payment for registration - is sucking in a lot of internet users."

September 2009

09.30.2009 SC Magazine | One in twelve websites contain 'inappropriate content'
"One in twelve web pages now contain 'inappropriate content', according to a whitepaper from Webroot."

09.29.2009 Channel EMEA | Webroot boosts EMEA consumer focus
"Internet security outfit Webroot wants a bigger slice of the pie in EMEA’s consumer market. Webroot has appointed David Bennett - a former Lenovo and Sony channel executive − as director of EMEA consumer business development."

09.16.2009 Network World | Attack E-mails Use Fake Shipping Confirmation Ruse
"A triple-payload e-mail attack that uses a fake shipping confirmation notice with a supposed attached label is making the rounds, according to Webroot."

09.14.2009 CW2 Report | How Cybercriminals Steal Your Passwords & Financial Information
Webroot threat research experts provide CW2 with a look into malware targeted at consumers banking online and how you can protect your passwords and personal information.

August 2009

08.31.2009 Boulder County Business Report | New threats target online banking
"Researchers at Internet security firm Webroot Software Inc. in Boulder said they have detected a steady increase in the incidents cybercriminals trying to tap into online bank accounts."

08.21.2009 SC Magazine | World of Warcraft users warned of malicious keylogger posts
"Webroot's Curtis Fechner and Grayson Milbourne claimed that most WoW players have a friend who got infected by a Trojan and subsequently had their account compromised."

08.19.2009 Denver Business Journal | Webroot names industry vet Williams as CEO
"Internet-security company Webroot Software Inc. Wednesday named industry veteran Dick Williams, former chairman of Hyperic Inc. and CEO of Wily Technology, as its new president and chief executive."

July 2009

07.29.2009 San Diego Weekly | Sticky Finger Season
"Every time there is a technological advance that should benefit consumers, the scamsters seem to streak ahead of the curve. According to security firm Webroot, 30 percent of social networking users have experienced an attack, such as a phishing scam or a virus."

07.20.2009 SC Magazine | The Twitter hacking incident last week should be a call to better security awareness
"Brian Czarny, vice president of solutions marketing at Webroot, claimed that the security of data stored in the cloud, in this case Google Apps, is not the main issue. In fact, it is more about the security practices that users of all websites and applications should be employing in their day-to-day use."

07.09.2009 | Four Ways to Fight Back Against Cyberattacks
"E-mail messages are just like digital postcards. They can be intercepted and read," says Brian Czarny, an e-mail security expert at Webroot Software, a Boulder, Colo.-based Internet security company.

June 2009

06.29.2009 | Webroot survey reveals social networkers' risky behaviors
A new survey conducted by Webroot, a provider of Internet security software, has uncovered that members of online social networks may be more vulnerable to financial loss, identity theft and malware infection than they realize.

06.25.2009 | Keep children safe as they surf the web
Mike Kronenberg, the Chief Technology Officer for Webroot, a Colorado based developer of award-winning Internet security software for home and business use, helps guide parents beyond the basics of computer safety by describing some of the daily threats that kids can experience online as they game or network socially with friends.

May 2009

05.20.2009 | Webroot partners with ZixCorp
"We were looking to add e-mail encryption into the service and what we were looking for was a fellow SaaS delivery model that had to be delivered in the cloud and easily integrates with our existing product," said Brian Czarny, Webroot vice-president of solutions marketing.

05.12.2009 | This Profound Moment in Cybersecurity, and Three Challenges That Frame It
Talking with Gerhard Eschelbeck, CTO of Webroot, and Michael Skaff, CIO of San Francisco Symphony, I could put the following two blockbuster stories, and their implications, out of my mind for the better part of an hour...

05.06.2009 SME Web | The case for remote protection
At the moment, smaller businesses especially, have a problem with technology.

05.04.2009 Computerworld | Security Worries Hinder Enterprise Plans for Social Networks
Half of businesses are delaying collaborative technology plans because they are concerned about security, according to a survey.

April 2009

04.14.2009 Practically Networked | Be On Guard Against "Insecurity Software"
When you do go looking for anti-virus/anti-spyware software (preferably well before you need it), stick with known and reputable vendors including Webroot.

04.09.2009 SC Magazine | Worm-Shiv causes problems with denial of service
A worm that prevents certain applications from working properly has been detected by Webroot.

04.08.2009 LA Chronicle | Adware/Spyware
We use and highly recommend Spy Sweeper by Webroot Software.

04.06.2009 InfoWorld | Even dirtier IT jobs: The muck stops here
Hunting malware means crawling the deepest, darkest, nastiest corners of the Web, because that's where the bad stuff usually congregates.

March 2009

03.30.2009 eWeek | Firefox Attacks Sharpen Bite
Experts are charting the emergence of a new, sophisticated breed of Firefox threat that packs a significantly more potent punch than its predecessors.

03.26.2009 SC Magazine | Researcher publishes Mozilla Firefox vulnerability
Andrew Brandt, threat expert at Webroot, said: "In the past few weeks, we've seen malware writers up the ante in their bets against Firefox.

February 2009

02.17.2009 Tech Herald | Corporations are becoming largest threat to their own customers
Webroot, in a report investigating the impact of Web 2.0 on the Enterprise sector, said over 80 percent of Malware is now being distributed on the Web.

02.16.2009 | Review: Webroot Internet Security Essentials
Webroot Internet Security Essentials is aimed squarely at home and home/office users, and adds an online backup service for extra security.

02.13.2009 British Computer Society | Fraud fears put off online shoppers
Fears regarding online security and fraud are preventing half of consumers in the UK from shopping on the internet, according to new research.

02.10.2009 SC Magazine | Safer Internet Day marked by free security scans
Today marks the annual ‘Safer Internet Day' and is geared to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology.

January 2009

01.29.2009 Internet News | Security Players Take Aim at Anonymous Proxies
A new generation of filtering technology is being rolled out to identify when users are using Web proxies to cover their tracks.

01.14.2009 Boulder Daily Camera | Is It Really Safe To Shop Online?
Daily Camera technology columnist responds to a reader's question about how to protect himself while shopping online.

01.01.2009 Popular Mechanics | Four Ways to Fight Back Against Cyber Attacks
Your webcam, cell phone, web browsers, and personal emails are all vulnerable to attack from thieves in cyberspace. Here are four ways to fight back.

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