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Welcome! Since 1997, Webroot has provided antivirus software to individuals, small businesses, and enterprises. Webroot is proud to partner with a select group of websites, managed service providers, IT consultants, and bloggers who share our passion for keeping the internet safe through the Webroot Affiliate Program.

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  • Generous commissions
  • No limit on referral fees
  • Easy access to creative assets
  • Direct payment through the LinkShare Rakuten Affiliate Network
  • It's free

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It’s not just about the revenue; it’s about protecting customers from the dangerous web

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Stay up to date on promotions and offers by grabbing banners and links directly from LinkShare/Rakuten

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Webroot has a dedicated Affiliate Marketing representative to answer questions, concerns, and to help optimize your sales

Frequently asked questions



  • Can I become a Webroot Affiliate publisher if I am an MSP or IT Consultant?

    Absolutely! Managed service providers and/or IT consultants can sign up for free and begin to earn commission for promoting sales of Webroot right away. All he or she needs to do is grab a link from the LinkShare Rakuten Affiliate Network and share the link with customers. Any purchases made after a customer clicks through the link will be tracked and commissioned.


  • Are there any costs to join the Webroot Affiliate Program?

    No. Access to our affiliate network through the LinkShare Rakuten Affiliate Network is free to affiliates.


  • How does the Webroot Affiliate Program track affiliate sales?

    Affiliate sales are tracked through the use of the buy URLs that you place on your website or in your promotions. When a potential customer clicks on your ad and visits the Webroot store, a pixel tracking cookie is dropped to track any affiliate sales that are derived from this visit.


  • How does the Webroot Affiliate Program track sales that come from customers who download a trial from an affiliate?

    The tracking for trial downloads happens in the same way that tracking occurs for visits to the website. When a customer clicks on a trial link from your site, they are immediately taken to a landing page on our site where a tracking pixel is placed on the consumer machine. If the customer purchases that day or any time in within the program return days, the affiliate will receive credit for the sale. Webroot does not offer commissions for trial only downloads.


  • What if a potential customer doesn't buy right away but comes back to the site later to make the purchase?

    The cookie that is dropped to track affiliate sales activity by a potential customer persists for 120 days. Any sales purchased by that customer within that time frame will result in a tracked affiliate sale. Note: if customer traffic is driven by another affiliate after the initial visit, the sale will be tracked to the most recent affiliate ad.


  • Do I have to create my own ads and artwork to promote the Webroot products?

    Through the LinkShare Rakuten Affiliate Network, Webroot will provide you with banners, text links, box shots and product copy for you to compile an ad or promotion that works well in your website or emails. If you are looking for Webroot to create a specific landing page we are open to building this for you, contact LinkShare/Rakuten to inquire about this further.


  • Can I promote the Webroot products in Paid Search ads?

    There are restrictions to promoting the Webroot products in the search engines. If you are interested in pursuing this promotional channel, please contact the affiliate program manager at LinkShare/Rakuten or send an email to


  • How does the sign-up process work?

    • You will need to fill out the application information to become an affiliate on the LinkShare Rakuten Affiliate Network.
    • Once accepted, click here to apply to the Webroot Affiliate program.
    • If you are approved into the Webroot Affiliate program, you will be notified in an email and you will immediately have access to view all of the Webroot Affiliate Program collateral.


  • Where can I find the most current Terms and Conditions for the Webroot Affiliate Program?

    For the most up to date Terms and Conditions for the Webroot Affiliate Program, email


  • Still need help?

    We're standing by to answer your questions. Contact us.