Don’t Let Hackers Steal Your Money or Identity. Get Protected Now.

Webroot® WiFi Security + Virus Protection

The WiFi Security VPN and antivirus protection go hand in hand. To stay safe online, you need both. One protects your devices, one protects your connection, and both work together to give you security and privacy as you work, share, bank, and browse.

WiFi Security

  • Automatic protection over any network, even unsecured WiFi
  • Safe and secure browsing to protect your identity and privacy online
  • Advanced web-filtering to protect you from malicious or risky websites*

* Only available on Windows®, Mac®, and Android systems

Webroot® WiFi Security +
Internet Security Complete

$159.98     Save $90

for up to 5 devices

One Year

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What You Get With Webroot

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Complete Confidence

With effective virus protection, LastPass® Password Management, and the Webroot WiFi Security VPN, you can stay safe from viruses, hackers, and spies—anywhere.

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Predictive Antivirus

Webroot antivirus solutions use intelligent next-gen technology to stop viruses, ransomware, and more—proactively.

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Phishing Attack Prevention

With Webroot, you can browse the web freely, knowing you you’re protected from fake sites that try to trick you or steal from you.

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We Won't Slow You Down

Gone are the days of long scan times and bulky updates that slow your machine down to a standstill. Webroot protection scans and updates in real time, so it doesn’t get in your way.

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Identity Protection

In today’s world of major cyberattacks and identity theft, it’s important to have identity protection. Our identity and privacy shields help keep your personal data safe.

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Multi-Device Support

Webroot offers solutions for all major device platforms, including Windows®, Mac®, Android™, iOS®**, and ChromeOS® smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Lightning Fast Scans

Webroot scans take about 20 seconds. That’s up to 60x faster than competing products, while still offering world-class protection. Plus, with cloud-based updates, your internet security is always up to date.

* PassMark Software. "Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus vs. Twelve Competitor Antivirus Products." (May 2018)

Customer reviews

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Customer Support based in the USA

Award-winning protection and performance

It installs in a flash, doesn't require signature updates, scans much more quickly, and takes a ridiculously small amount of space on disk. On top of that… an impressive protection job.
Neil J. Rubenking
PC Magazine Lead Analyst

*iOS device protection consists of a secure browser and password management. It does not scan iOS apps to block malware.

System requirements

Windows® 7 32- and 64-bit (all Editions), Windows 7 SP1 32- and 64-bit (all Editions)

Windows 8 32- and 64-bit

Windows 8.1 32- and 64-bit

Windows 10 32- and 64-bit

Windows 11 64-bit

macOS 12 (Monterey®) with Apple M-series ARM or Intel® processors

macOS 13 (Ventura®) with Apple M-series ARM or Intel® processors

macOS 14 (Sonoma®) with Apple M-series ARM or Intel® processors

For more information click here.

Intel® Pentium®/Celeron® family, or AMD®K6/Athlon™/Duron™ family, or other compatible processor

128 MB RAM (minimum)

10 MB Hard Disk Space

Internet access

Google Chrome® 11 and newer

Internet Explorer® version 11 and newer (Windows XP IE8)

Microsoft Edge® (partial support)

Mozilla® Firefox® version 3.6 and newer

Safari 5 and newer

Opera 11 and newer

Android Mobile Security:

Android operating system version 7 and newer

Android-compatible device with at least 97mb of free storage space

Security for iPhone®

Webroot Mobile Security requires iOS® 13 or higher 

Computer Requirements:

OS X 10.10 (Yosemite®) and newer

Windows 7 32- and 64-bit and newer (excluding Windows 8 and Windows 10 S)

Mobile Requirements:

Android operating system version 6 and newer

iOS® 10 and newer