Pillr is now a part of OpenText.
Bolstering our comprehensive cybersecurity portfolio with enhanced MDR and SOC capabilities. Read the press release.

Webroot™ is now part of OpenText™ Cybersecurity

A smarter, simplified way to protect your business

OpenText Cybersecurity offers a comprehensive set of products to reduce risks, preserve trust, contain disruption, and make your business cyber resilient.

Uncover the nastiest malware of 2023

Malware and malware threats wreak havoc on IT professionals and even private citizens on a daily basis. With accessible ransomware-as-a-service models and sneakier payloads, malware tricks even the most knowledgeable expert.

Cyber resilience for today's and tomorrow's threats

OpenText Cybersecurity helps organizations of all sizes protect their most valuable and sensitive information. Our portfolio of end-to-end security solutions offers businesses a resilient security foundation with 360-degree visibility across their organization, enabling them to enhance security and trust every step of the way.

The OpenText Cybersecurity Difference

Reduce business and financial risk through multi-vector protection against attack surfaces.

Minimize downtime with the ability to investigate threats, understand the impact, and recover data within minutes.

Create resiliency and compliance by leveraging real-time, contextual threat intelligence.


of organizations experienced a ransomware incident in one year.

ESG Research Report, The Long Road Ahead to Ransomware Preparedness

Smarter and simpler data security with Webroot

Discover next-gen protection for endpoints, networks, and end users powered by predictive threat intelligence—designed with small businesses and MSPs in mind.

Advanced Email Encryption

Ensures messages with sensitive information are encrypted before delivery to meet compliance requirements.

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DNS Protection

Creates a highly secure, private, resilient and manageable connection to the internet.

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Endpoint Protection

Provides cybersecurity services for network endpoints, like laptops, desktops, servers, and virtual environments.

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Security Awareness Training

Delivers education to prevent risky employee behaviors that can lead to IT related security compromises.

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Marcia Henry CIO,
The Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center

"Webroot Email Threat Protection saved me at least a dozen times. We usually can’t expect to buy a product, roll it out and have it work on its own. But that’s exactly how this works."

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