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• Works with PC and Mac computers

• Lightning-fast scans, no time-consuming updates

• Protects against identity theft

Internet Security Plus

with AntiVirus

• All the features of AntiVirus and:

• Secures Android and iOS smartphones and tablets

• Protects your logins and passwords

Internet Security Complete

with AntiVirus

• All the features of Internet Security Plus and:

• Eliminates traces of online activity

• Includes System Optimizer

Free Antivirus

Free isn't better

Good Antivirus

“But why should I pay for antivirus protection software?”

As more people do activities like shopping, banking, and financial planning on the web, cybersecurity stakes continue to rise and the need for computer security software increases.

You need features like these to keep you safe:

• Password management
• Mobile security
• Identity and privacy protection

…Not to mention award-winning support for the off-chance that something goes wrong. These important features aren't included in most free virus protection software. When it comes to keeping you and your family's devices safe, you get what you pay for.

“Okay, so why should I trust Webroot protection?”

Lots of antivirus security providers talk about how they use AI and machine learning. We were actually pioneering that kind of technology in security way before it was cool. In fact, we’ve been:

  • Protecting the connected world since 1997

  • Innovating, refining, and applying machine learning since 2007

  • Cloud-based since 2011

With Webroot, you know you’re in good hands, because we have the experience and the expertise to keep you and your family safe from today’s advanced attacks.

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I have been using Webroot Secure Anywhere for over ten years and have been completely satisfied with the performance of this product. I would encourage anyone to purchase this for your computer.


I have Webroot on my desktop computer. It works Great. I have had No issues with the computer since Webroot was installed. I highly recommend Webroot to anyone with a computer to avoid Viruses and the like.


II will soon be adding more devices to this security. It has worked well and seems to be completely unobtrusive. Definitely affordable for the protection provided.

"It installs in a flash, doesn't require signature updates, scans much more quickly, and takes a ridiculously small amount of space on disk. On top of that… an impressive protection job."

- Neil J. Rubenking, PC Magazine Lead Analyst 

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