Does It Matter If Your Antivirus Company is Based in the US?

After events like the internal banning by the U.S. government of cybersecurity software from companies deemed too close to foreign governments, you may wonder how much it matters where your cybersecurity solutions are developed and headquartered.

It’s a fair question to ask of computer virus protection companies and one that possibly deserves more investigation and explanation from cybersecurity watchers and those in the space themselves. After all, if it addresses the concerns of consumers, discussing a company's origins, philosophies and methods is either good business or newsworthy coverage.

The bottom line is that effective cybersecurity solutions can come from any corner of the globe and that transparency and openness to independent review are far more important than national origin.

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Webroot’s roots as a US-based antivirus company


Webroot, a U.S.-based antivirus and cyber resilience company, was founded in Boulder, Colorado in 1997. Our founder, local Boulder entrepreneur Steven Thomas, launched a trace removal agent called Window Washer that soon attracted investors. In 2011, after a period of growth and more product releases, Webroot moved its headquarters to nearby Broomfield, Colorado, where it remains to this day as a leading American-made antivirus software and cybersecurity provider.

Prior to the move, in 2010, Webroot opened its first international office in Dublin, Ireland, which became its international headquarters. Subsequent international expansions include offices in the U.K., Austria, Japan, and Australia. 

What started as a small, American-made antivirus software company was eventually purchased by the Boston-based data backup and recovery organization, Carbonite, in 2019. In 2020, both were purchased by the global information management company OpenText.

Finding the best antivirus for you: Other factors to consider

Even as an American-based antivirus provider ourselves, we readily admit that country of origin should not be your prime factor when determining which solution is right for your household or business internet security. 

So, once you've realized that a free solution won't provide the protection you need, what else should you look for in a cybersecurity provider?

  • Regular definition updates - In the age of polymorphic malware and zero-day phishing attacks, any software with regular, cloud-initiated definition updates is out of date by the time it’s installed on your computer.

  • Refined malware detection - The threat landscape in the field of cybersecurity is always evolving. A multi-layered approach to malware protection is a must. How will your cybersecurity solution protect you?

  • Designated threat research team - While machine learning is increasingly important to the field of internet security, there’s still no substitute for a team of trained professionals dedicated to identifying the latest cyber threats watching out for you.

  • Customer service - When you pair a crack team of threat researchers with an award-winning support team available to you 24/7, you win. Webroot’s “follow-the-sun” approach, with offices spanning the globe, means our representatives are there for you wherever, whenever.

  • A stable, reputable vendor - Regardless of nationality, your cybersecurity should be backed up by an innovative company that’s been recognized for its work in the industry. If your cybersecurity provider goes offline tomorrow, everything else is out the window.

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