Webroot Case Studies

Complete cybersecurity must account for networks, users, and endpoints. But as these Webroot MSP partners attest,
layered security not only leads to safer clients, but increases profitability as well. Read on to see what our partners are saying about implementing layered security for their clients.

Greystone case study: Getting Closer to Customers with Layered Security

Who is Greystone Technology?

Greystone Technology is a Denver-based managed and IT services company with additional offices in Boulder and Fort Collins. Recognizing that IT was unique in its proximity to all business sectors, the company has pioneered a collaborative, advisory role as a means of providing its customers sound advice for achieving business success through sound IT strategy.

Endpoints supported

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What were their cybersecurity challenges?

Given the high value they place on collaboration, Greystone was looking for a team that was responsive to their needs and offered layered security solutions to protect their customers from evolving threats. Additionally, Greystone was disappointed with the limited integration functionality of their previous solution, Trend Micro, and was looking for a more MSP-ready product to take its place.

"Moving to Webroot was the right choice for us as we looked for a lighter footprint, a better platform, better reporting. All the normal things that this space just can’t seem to get right. It literally came down to ‘Webroot is nice, neat, clean, and light,' but I think the real story is the ongoing relationship with the company, which has been fantastic.”

– Bobby Sowder, Director of Client Success,
   Greystone Technology

Let Webroot Help

How has layered security benefited Greystone?

135,470  Risky DNS lookups blocked in the first 30 days 

Botnet lookups blocked in the first 90 days of DNS Protection

7% of users have fallen for the first 359 simulated phishing campaigns

How did Webroot help Greystone reach these results?

Layered security solutions from Webroot provide:

  • Proven protection against ransomware and other threats
  • DNS-level protection capable of stopping 88% of malware at the domain layer
  • Security awareness training capable of turning your security stack's weakest link into its first line of defense


“With clients who’ve adopted layered security, the conversation has changed. When I draw up a common sense security policy, I can say ‘here’s what endpoint protection does, here’s what DNS protection does, here’s why you need training, and I can relay how these products affect their business on a regular basis.”

– Bobby Sowder, Director of Client Success, Greystone Technology

Let Webroot Help


Greystone knew they needed to respond to a shifting threat landscape. Network-level solutions had long been a must for all clients, but the growing success of phishing and other social engineering campaigns had them on the lookout for user-oriented security solutions as well. All solutions needed to be easy to manage and, most importantly, protect against all types of threats.


After Webroot

Greystone is now confident they’re layered security solutions keep pace with evolving threats, and their bottom line is benefitting from these new offerings.


“Being able to roll Webroot out inside the Continuum agent means I touch machines less. It rolls itself out. The fact that I can link into the Webroot console from within Continuum is very valuable, because I save time managing fewer portals or can create workflows for how to interoperate between the two.”

– Bobby Sowder, Director of Client Success, Greystone Technology

“Overall our managed service revenue has increased by no small percentage. We’ve seen a tremendous amount of success moving the conversation forward [about layered security] where we hadn’t been able to earlier."

– Bobby Sowder, Director of Client Success, Greystone Technology

Which Webroot products did Greystone Technology use?

Webroot® Business Endpoint Protection
Multi-vector protection from Webroot is the only way to secure endpoints and users across all stages of a cyberattack.

Webroot® DNS Protection
Stop malware with secure DNS protection before it enters your network with this essential web security tool.

Webroot® Security Awareness Training
Create a more secure workforce and educate your end users on preventing online security breaches.


"We spend a lot of time talking about specific instances where each [layered security solution] would benefit the client. I can go to any one of them and say, ‘remember that thing Sue did? This would have prevented that. Remember when so-and-so clicked on that email? That’s what Security Awareness Training is about.”

– Bobby Sowder, Director of Client Success,
   Greystone Technology