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Spy Sweeper Enterprise 3.0 to Drive Increased Product Differentiation for Webroot Channel Partners

BOULDER, CO - June 13, 2006

Delivering once again on its unwavering commitment to arm its Channel Edge Partners with the most effective anti–spyware solution, Webroot Software, Inc. today introduced Spy Sweeper Enterprise 3.0. With this latest version, Webroot is the first to offer kernel level driver protection to detect and remove the most malicious types of spyware, presenting even greater sales opportunities for Webroot Channel Edge Partners.

Spy Sweeper Enterprise 3.0’s kernel level driver capabilities enable detection and removal of the most sophisticated forms of spyware which use rootkit technology to mask or hide itself. Webroot has also introduced direct disk scanning technology into the 3.0 client to enable IT administrators to scan an infected hard drive directly, providing real–time protection against fully cloaked spyware. These advancements available only in Spy Sweeper Enterprise 3.0 will contribute to shortened sales cycles and increased growth opportunities for Webroot’s Channel Partners.

"Spy Sweeper Enterprise 3.0 gives our Channel Edge Partners a clear competitive advantage by offering capabilities that are simply not available in any other enterprise–level anti–spyware solution on the market today," said C. David Moll, CEO of Webroot Software Inc. "To date, our Channel Partners have experienced tremendous sales success and as we continue to set new standards in the security industry by delivering first–to–market functionality, we believe our Channel Partners will continue to surpass their competition and celebrate their accelerated business growth."

Additional features now available in Spy Sweeper Enterprise 3.0 include new real–time Smart Shields that provide enterprise networks with the widest breadth of proactive blocking protection available, the ability to scan compressed files and enhanced scalability options. Webroot will also begin releasing incremental definitions that allow client workstations to download only new or updated definitions from their administration console, which will significantly reduce desktop resources and improve network and bandwidth performance.

"We have tested this solution and are convinced that Spy Sweeper Enterprise 3.0 provides the most powerful, immediate protection against spyware attacks," said Adam Beggs, senior sales engineer, Dirsec. "The solution is still easy to deploy and manage, and now offers even greater detection and remediation capabilities that will protect our customers’ networks from malicious attacks."

"Spy Sweeper Enterprise 3.0 offers a level of protection against spyware that is unmatched by other anti–spyware solutions," said Joe Tobia, partner, Softek Excellence, Inc. "When we encounter businesses not using Webroot’s solution, we are quick to reveal their network vulnerabilities. Explaining why Spy Sweeper Enterprise is the best solution is the easy part."

"Partnering with Webroot was one of the best business decisions we could’ve made," said Tom Reynolds, senior systems engineer, Access Technologies, Inc. "They continue to provide us with compelling resources that prove our claim to offer the best protection against the growing threat of spyware. We believe Spy Sweeper Enterprise 3.0 will be very well received by our customer base."

The introduction of Webroot Spy Sweeper Enterprise 3.0 is further bolstered by the launch of Phileas V – the next generation of Webroot’s automated spyware research system designed to proactively seek out the most malicious types of spyware and malware. Phileas debuted in January 2005 as the first automated anti–spyware research system and dramatically enhances Webroot’s anti–spyware definition database and detection capabilities. Phileas V builds upon the phenomenal success of the original system with several technical enhancements to more effectively fight the spyware plague, including a multi–tiered bot network that employs advanced research techniques, like deep packet sniffing. This and other advanced technologies ultimately improve Phileas’ ability to discover new threats more quickly, accurately and efficiently than ever before.

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