Free Webroot Tool Diagnoses PC Issues In Less Than 2 Minutes

Webroot® System Analyzer Scans an Entire System to Diagnose Vulnerabilities and Performance Issues

BROOMFIELD, CO - July 18, 2012

Webroot, a leader in delivering Internet security as a service, today released Webroot® System Analyzer, providing a fast and powerful way for IT professionals to analyze the security profile and performance of individual machines. A simple, lightweight, and free PC-assessment tool, Webroot System Analyzer scans system information in 24 areas and provides an in-depth report outlining everything from undetected infections to memory issues – all in less than two minutes. This information alerts IT professionals to issues such as hardware and software conflicts, system vulnerabilities and other problems that can be corrected to improve the overall performance of the system being analyzed.

"System Analyzer is a fast and accurate system analysis that helps IT administrators troubleshoot and remediate issues with individual machines in their organization," said Mike Malloy, executive vice president, Webroot Products and Strategy. "It is the digital Swiss Army knife that every IT administrator and support personnel should have in their toolkit."

A fully online app, Webroot System Analyzer does not need to be installed onto a system. Administrators can simply click the scan button to receive a full assessment of any Windows-based or virtual system.* System Analyzer gives a quick snapshot of a machine's security status and its overall performance. It can also help establish a security baseline for a system evaluating information such as:

  • Are infections present?
  • Does the system have active and up-to-date antivirus protection?
  • Is the system protected by a firewall?
  • Is the OS updated with the latest security patches installed?

It also shows factors—from memory usage to cookies—that could affect system performance or cause security risks and allows the IT administrator to access a detailed report that includes most relevant information about the hardware and software. System Analyzer is the perfect complement to Webroot SecureAnywhere Business - Endpoint Protection, the fastest, least disruptive, and most effective endpoint security solution, which is available as a free 30-day trial.

Key features of Webroot SecureAnywhere – Endpoint Protection include:

  • The fastest, lightest and least resource hungry endpoint security – doesn't slow endpoints or users down
  • Exceptional protection against zero-day threats and highly adaptive malware – combines the Webroot Intelligence Network with the power of instantaneous cloud predictive intelligence to instantly prevent unknown threats
  • Low complexity and operational costs – cloud-based console provides fully remote management and control over all endpoints, plus instant visibility of any threats
  • Zero signatures updates – no daily updates are needed as these occur in the cloud, so users are always up-to-date and fully protected. There are also significant operational cost savings on network bandwidth and on-premise servers.
  • Automatic remediation and pro-active Support – built-in rollback remediation ensures users' machines are quickly restored to a 'last good known state' and our pro-active enterprise support ensures customers are never left waiting for help or fixes.

Pricing and Availability

Webroot System Analyzer is free. For more information on Webroot SecureAnywhere – Endpoint Protection, visit Webroot's website to download a free 30-day evaluation.

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